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Online Copy Paste Jobs Exists? What Scam Artists Don’t Tell

Understanding Full-time Online Copy Paste Jobs

Dreaming about buying your favorite car! How do you feel if you are getting paid up to $5000 per month for doing simple online copy paste jobs! Wouldn’t be nice to think about! Just kidding…

As we discussed in the other post about scams we also like to write a small post about online copy paste jobs.

This post is for all type of readers. So just dive in.

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Understanding online copy paste job is not a complicated thing than any type of online scams out there. If you ever wondered how online copy paste jobs do really work we will give a short note for you to understand better.

While we participating in one of the online forum discussions few members were exchanging threads regarding the existence of online copy paste jobs like “Does this job really exist!”

We replied in our style like there aren’t any Online Copy Paste Jobs. According to the web, there are no real online copy paste jobs.

Online Copy Paste Jobs is a perverted name that you’ll see online such as Ad posting jobs.

Online Copy Paste Jobs and Ad posting jobs are the same. Some scam artists invented a type of program to invite people so they can make money from the people by taking some amount for it.

Online Copy Paste Jobs Are Pre-made Templates!

The fact is that the copy paste websites usually gives out pre-written ads to the publishers to copy and paste them online. In return, the promoters or the publishers will get paid for doing so.

The concept of online copy paste jobs just works in that way. We can say it is like an affiliate program. You promote and get paid for the sales.

But in this context the commission for the sale is not for the product rather upgraded memberships.

As far as our understanding goes there aren’t any legitimate advertisers out there who ready to promote products through Online Copy Paste Jobs method.

The type of online copy paste jobs is solely created by scam artists for cheating people in their own style.

Online Copy Paste Jobs – Are You Next!

We can tell you there are a lot of fraud websites functioning in the same way till today. One of the sites we found in 2006 offered a similar type of Online Copy Paste Jobs. The assignment given to us was “Copy the ads and paste online”.

We paid $69 for a membership to access the login credentials. The type of work we undertook was the same. Get inside the members area and copy paste the ads online. The more the sales happen the more money it can generate.

During that time, due to inexperience we did not know how Online Copy Paste Jobs work behind the scene. Therefore, we stepped in for 45 days non-stop work sitting in front of the computer dreaming that the amount will reach into our bank account. Finally, that site found to be a scam online.

Yeah, we understand 2006 is a history but we see many popular sites still in the business of Online Copy Paste Jobs. You can see a lot of websites which tells you the same like online copy paste jobs are the easiest ways to make money. Yet you cannot even make a dime with it because it’s all scam.

We noticed a lot of students of late moving to the domain of Online Copy Paste Jobs. They believe is the way to make quick cash online while doing regular jobs. So for them paying $100 for a registration fee is not a big deal.

Eventually, the answer is so obvious. Why give a chance for that! Now you should know there aren’t any legitimate copy paste jobs online.

Honestly speaking, this post will not reach millions of people to help them to stay away from such type of online money making programs. But we want to save few people someone like U.

A reason for writing this post is very straight forward. We went through many bad experiences time after time. We wanted to save few folks by writing this post so it can save few people at least from getting scammed.

If you come across any copy paste jobs online please feel to provide us the link in the comment box which will help few people in many ways.

Finally, understand that there aren’t any Online Copy Paste Jobs out there that willing to make you rich overnight. Please play safe. Thank you.

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