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Onlinejobsfree.com Is A Scam Or Serious Deal-Breaker? Fake Free Dataentry Jobs

Are you making a special effort to get a real unbiased review about Onlinejobsfree.com? That’s fine. Your attempt to achieve a goal will end here. Let us impart you some knowledge on Onlinejobsfree.com in details as we have so much to discuss.

The concept behind Onlinejobsfree.com is to offer a free work at home opportunity for the people who want to join free. Onlinejobsfree.com is offering verities of free online jobs such as Data entry work, Form-filling, Adposting, Data processing and other data entry works to earn some money.

Onlinejobsfree.com Work At Home Options

You probably investigated into and studied the materials and resources of Onlinejobsfree.com. So we don’t waste your time anyway.

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When you notice Onlinejobsfree.com for the first time you tend to believe Onlinejobsfree.com is a completely dedicated site for online work from home jobs. As we spend few hours in reading all the pages discovered some flaws which you may not know them.

Onlinejobsfree.com clearly tells you in the FAQ page that it’s a data processing company and anyone can earn by doing simple data entry jobs for their clients.

There are many free online jobs outsourced by them such as Online data entry, Offline data entry, and Ad posting jobs and many others.

Being a member or a newcomer to free online jobs sometimes put you in a tight situation to figure it which way to go like “Is Onlinejobsfree.com is genuine or scam?” Do not worry. We’ll solve your questions, calm down.

You probably thought Onlinejobsfree.com is offering a great deal of work at home jobs so you can start making money by registering without paying fees.

Yes, Onlinejobsfree.com is free to sign up. Beside all the claims, did you receive any real data entry jobs to make money there? Of course, you won’t receive any type of job offers as presented on the webpage. It’s all fake methods used by them to drive as many people as possible on board.

The job Onlinejobsfree.com will ask you is to promote their website by posting ads via affiliate marketing. It’s almost a type of getting paid to promote a program. After you signed up you will be given an affiliate link to promote online.

You need to invite members to their site via your affiliate link. When a person joins you will get paid a commission or maybe not.

Affiliate Program Job By Onlinejobsfree.com

We wanted to test Onlinejobsfree.com so we signed up. The members area has nothing to do with online data entry or anything as it says on the home page. Once logged-in, the message sighted was a referral program. Kindly read the referral compensation plan below.

Earn US$0.12 (Or Rs.6) per referral you generate at 1st level. Once that member either becomes Pro member OR he earns minimum US$25 (Or Rs.1140/-) then again you Get Paid US$5 (Or Rs.240/-) for the same referral.

Earn 20% of your referrals earnings for the entire year. Means, when you refer someone, and lets say he earns an average of US$100 (Or Rs.4500/-) per month then you are eligible to get ($20) (Or Rs.900/-) per month OR Annually $240 (Or Rs.10,800/-) per year from JUST one referral only.

Bi-Weekly Payments You do not have to wait for months to receive your earnings as we offer Bi-Weekly Payments That means, you can get Payments Every 15 days.

Hence, Onlinejobsfree.com is mainly focusing affiliate program instead of a free data entry job. People are so much confused about Onlinejobsfree.com after signed up.

The members area doesn’t tell about upgrade option or anything related to data entry free work at home jobs.

Onlinejobsfree.com motto is to get as many email id’s as possible so they can send a lot of spam emails without your concern. We tell you why? Keep reading…

Onlinejobsfree.com – Online Data Entry Offers

You probably astounded after noticing on the Onlinejobsfree.com home page like full of free online data entry jobs. If you had signed up with Onlinejobsfree.com already you’ll see in the members-area only about “Data entry jobs”.

People who are new to online will be thinking the links actually direct data entry companies. Of course not, all the links are taking to a freelancing site that is Elance.com.

There are many freelancing sites and Elance is one of them. All the 20 links posted in the members area redirecting to Elance site only and nothing else.

This is another way of cheating people making false promises in the form of free online jobs. So don’t expect that you will get an offer by Onlinejobsfree.com.

It’s all fakes and spam tactics used to entice people. There is another compensation plan in the Onlinejobsfree.com tells you offline/online data entry jobs. Look at the data entry compensation plan below.

  • It’s generally simple offline/online data entry work along with ad posting and form filling work
  • You can earn anywhere between $.50 to $1.50 (Rs.22-69) for each processed form as below:
  • Online Ad Posting : $.50 to $.70 per successful ad posting
  • Online Form Filling : $.70-$.85 (Rs.32-40) per successful form filled
  • Offline/Online Data Entry: $.85-$1.50 (Rs.40-69) per successful data entry (Conversion from Pdf/Jpeg/Or other image to MS Word format Or vice versa)

There are no such things called online data entry or offline data entry in that site. Onlinejobsfree.com claims they’ve clients all over the world, but we are sure there’s nothing as such.

If so then why they have to market their site using fake and false promises to cheat people?

We didn’t find any tabs regarding upgrade membership plan or anything related to online data entry projects in the account section. So do not waste your time with Onlinejobsfree.com.

Onlinejobsfree.com Collecting Emails & Promoting CPA Offers

We never had such a worst experience like Onlinejobsfree.com. After we registered the same page redirected us to another page to enter email ID’s which linked to “Get response autoresponder”.

Luckily it didn’t work for us due to server down. Thank god. There are so many links on the home page of the Onlinejobsfree.com, and been used unfair tactics in order to gain an advantage.

We noticed few links on the home page such as get paid to play games and taking online paid survey. So we tested them out too. Since we have some years of experience online we were able to identify the links type.

There are two links on the website like “Get paid to play games and take the online survey”. After we clicked the links it redirected us to another third-party advertisers that are “CPA offers”.

So this hoax site collecting email ids from the members by fabricating a story like legit free online jobs. Onlinejobsfree.com benefits in many ways when you fill-up the forms.

The first drama is collecting email ids via auto responder. The second type is fake data entry jobs so the people will register for it and promote. The third is redirecting people to CPA offers so they can make money when people completing free offers.

Onlinejobsfree.com Is A Scam Or Genuine!

The truth has come out finally. Onlinejobsfree.com is a scam site inviting people from India & worldwide using dummy free data entry jobs.

They collect personal information from the members to send promotional emails and CPA offers. There are a lot of links on the website tells about online data entry jobs and projects.

In our opinions, we do not know what they are. Onlinejobsfree is not professional also we never heard FROM people getting paid from them.

So don’t waste your time with Onlinejobsfree.com. Though you will not lose money but we suggest not pay attention for such type of free work at home job websites.

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  1. thanks for this information, I just signed up today in their site but the got suspicious the moment I logged in and read the referral thing, which prompted me search for reviews right away. thanks God I only wasted few minutes signing up to their b******t site.

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  3. Agree. I have also tested this site. all the facts you already given. fake site just to collect email ids. Can you review this site or shed some light on this ?


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