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How To Optimize Your Blog Images & Videos To Load Quickly – Free Online Tools

Tips To Optimize Your Blog images and Videos

There are ways to optimize Your Blog Images & Videos Instantly. WordPress is most trusted blogging platform where one could find varieties of WordPress plugins.

If you ever been in the situation where Google webmaster tool page speed service notified that your blog images are not optimized rather too slow while your website loading I think you need to find a solution to resolve it.

Not big news as when the site loads faster it helps search engines to signal in some way that your site is up to the mark.

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If you’re a blogger adding big images with big sizes without optimizing them then you’ll find images will not load properly on the desktop or mobile or even tablet devices.

In order to prevent such slow loading images, you must optimize them by compressing the images so it will load quickly.

I am going to show you two free online tools that help you to load your blog images and videos faster.

The first tool is one of my favorites as I bookmarked this site because whenever I publish a post I compress the image which will cut down to 70% in size instantly.

Optimize Your Blog Images With Free Online Tool

It’s Tinypng.com. This is a free online website tool where you can directly upload any sizes and click compress.

It compresses the pictures and save up to 90% without comprising the quality of the image. You can even upload multiple images to compress. It’s so easy.

How to optimize your images

I highly recommend this free tool for a blogger to reduce photo sizes to load picture faster in mobile devices and any other desktop applications.

Alternatively if you have blogs that have a lot of plugins and images which have been uploaded without optimizing them you can install this WordPress plugin to do the job.

Upload & Optimize Your Videos Faster Using Handbrake

Handbrake is a cool free software which helps your video to compress instantly. If you’re posting your creative videos on your website/blog or even on YouTube, it will help you to upload any size length in a matter of a minute.

make your video load fasterYou probably experienced long waiting…. while uploading lengthy videos on YouTube, It will take many hours to process before the process even gets completed.

It is so annoying to wait such a long time just for uploading few videos there.

Now you can upload videos with any sizes instantly. You can download Handbrake free application and upload your video after decoded. Once you have done the process, your jobs are done.

You can link the video in your website or upload on YouTube or any social Medias. The processing time will take much quicker than you ever imagine.

This is one of my favorite tools I use more frequently for my other projects to decode videos without compromising video quality.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Please feel free to comment. Thank you.

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