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Our Traffic Pays Revenue Share – Review – Scam Or Legit!

Our Traffic Pays is a fresh network out of the market and this revenue sharing company is started by a team professional namely, David Jackson, Greagen Kerriage and other two people.

I simply had an opportunity to investigate Our Traffic Pays system, appears to me that the site outline was great, extraordinary platform to invest, astonishing income offers per ad pack, minimum expense to contribute and you can earn up to 21% from your referrals, implies offshoots shares that goes directly into your Our Traffic Pays account from where you can use it for repurchase ad packs or withdraw it.

Anything New At Our Traffic Pays?

Our Traffic Pays has embraced the same advertising plan of action just like how other rev share systems playing nowadays with a few changes in the advertising packs, running time, affiliate commissions, activity trade strategies etc.

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Our Traffic Pays Revenue Share - Founders

Be that as it may, a large number of revenue sharing websites operates in the same way so there is nothing unique about this one too.

  • Company name – Our Traffic Pays
  • Site name: www.ourtrafficpays.com
  • Business type: Revenue sharing program
  • Founded – July 30th, 2016
  • Withdraw limit – $10 minimum – $500 maximum daily
  • Payment processors – Payza and SolidTrustPay
  • Office location/address – Not found

On the off chance that you have been a part of revenue sharing organizations then there is not much I can show you in light of the fact that rev share practically would be the same all over the internet. As we as a whole know making an income from rev share is about contributing and repurchasing ad packs over and over again. This is it.

Ourtrafficpays.com Traffic Exchange Prices or Cost

Ourtrafficpays.com Traffic Exchange Prices or Cost

How To Play Safe At Our Traffic Pays!

Ourtrafficpays.com must demonstrate its sustainability, productivity, reliability and more. Yet it can be an extremely productive system or it might go other way around like you know what I mean.

A large number of companies we had seen plunder our money and close down the business without even paying the capital investment.

So still a long way to go for Out Traffic Pays. But..

There are two approaches to get to know the legitimacy regardless of whether Our Traffic Pays is NEW. A first thing is a way how individuals are reacting to it and all the more significantly how they’re getting paid.

Just in case there were fewer hiccups in the following components in Our Traffic Pays like Payment withdrawal issue and banning accounts with no reason and withdrawal limit changes periodically etc then there is something we ought to consider about Our Traffic Pays.

I don’t usually recommend revenue sharing opportunity because I was badly wounded by deceased companies – Justbeenpaid/Adclickxpress in the past. From that point forward my solid conviction on revenue sharing programs has been decreased.

In the recent past I was not suggesting TM rev share site in light of the fact that the administrator had a terrible history so in view of that, I said, Traffic Monsoon won’t last, however after so many ups and down the admin manages to run the business successfully.

Traffic Monsoon is still essentially a solid program and more individuals’ inflow coming in as well. Most importantly members are getting paid for their shares and the administrator likewise benefiting a lot. (Still rev-share is not a sustainable business)

So once in a while what we anticipate or predict may turn out badly.

Yet, Our Traffic Pays is another player to rev share offer arena so the same way I want to let you know however this time something with a warning. Not all rev share companies can run effectively and successfully. You see most rev share companies that come with a quick payout, great compensation plan but after which vanish within a couple of months.

But one advice I can give you is that you can make quick money at rev share but do not overdo it because rev share method is not sustainable in the long run. Once the members influx stops then it doomed. 🙂

Is Our Traffic Pays Scam Or Genuine?

I simply wanted to offer you a quick thought like how Our Traffic Pays is. It is a tough question for me to tell but unlikely I can foresee where Our Traffic Pays would fall under the classification. It’s a fresh FISH out of the ocean and a new arrangement; however, I do trust that if Our Traffic Pays aiming for a long haul business objective then indeed it will embrace the same business ideas from other fruitful systems.

Hope you understood what I meant…

For instance, My Paying Ads and Fort Ad Pays are still going great and they had a few issues amidst the voyage, however, figured out how to overcome everything. So possibly, there would be a desire for Our Traffic Pays to compete with other established players.

However, the truth will surface eventually one day. It’ll be judged taking into member’s opinions and their ratings.

As I would like to say, invest your money like how much you can afford to. Try not to contribute money on rev share opportunities more than you can afford to.

To make money online quickly and successfully you either ought to have a sales funnel or investment so you can boost your return at ease. If you’re lacking in both I think there is no way that you can succeed in the online business. Though, revenue sharing is not an opportunity but advertising platform where you’ll be promoting your interests or offers.

In the event that you don’t have both I think better begin Our Traffic Pays putting $100 and raise the stakes in the later part. For an amateur, rev share is a complete venture system and it is dependent upon them how they want to utilize it.

Therefore, Our Traffic Pays is a new system and do not invest more until you get to see more positive feedback and payment proofs online. Hope this help.

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