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Paid4clicks.com Review | Scam Or Legitimate? Warning!!! $2000 Payment! Very Silly

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New PTC – Paid4Clicks

Thank you for stopping by. Today we will discuss on Paid4clicks.com in few words like Pay per click rate and its legitimacy. We are so confident this post will help you certain extend before you joining Paid4clicks.com.

Well, Paid4clicks.com is a get paid to click program where you will get paid for doing a simple task such as clicking and viewing advertiser’s websites. Paid4clicks.com is a PTC site just like any PTC websites around.

However, we wanted to write a very short review about Paid4clicks for you to understand better.

This site launched in July 2014 which seems like a new brother to PTC industry. Paid4clicks pays when you click ads and referring people.

As per the Paid4clicks.com stats shows there are around 141,607 members participating which seem not a bad at all.

Paid4clicks.com’s Click Rate Per Ad

Our prediction about Paid7clicks is not a positive one as it looks like a scam after all. Why do we claim Paid4clicks is a scam? Because the pay-per-click rate is too high compare to other legitimate PTC sites around.

As we looked at Paid4clicks.com for the first time we concluded the site is gaining popularity through referral promotion. The reason Paid4clicks.com is a scam because it pays 1 cent per unique click plus $1 per referral which is relatively high commission rate comparing other PTC sites such as Neobux and Clixsense.

Furthermore, if you notice the recent stats as per the Paid4clicks.com the compensation plan is too high. Any PTC sites that pay 0.01 cent or above mark probably a fraud because it doesn’t turn out well for PTC business.

Website stats

✔ 141,607 members – ✔ 117,317$ paid to users ✔ 0.1$ per unique click ✔ 1$ per referral
✔ 2$ free signup bonus (Stats updated twice per hour)

You can earn without any limits, it depends solely on your efforts and how much you work to promote your link. Many of our top members are earning more than 50$ per day and 1500$+ per month

When it comes to payout method you will receive your payment through an electronic gift card to your e-mail address and you can then easily cash it out via PayPal, Payza, Money Gram, Cheques, etc.

Paid4clicks.com Review | Scam Or Legitimate!

We strongly believe Paid4clicks.com could be a scam website as it pays more for clicking ads as well as for referrals than the standard PTC websites. As you’re being a PTC member, we’re sure you wouldn’t come across any legit PTC sites that pay 1 cent per unique clicks.

There are few PTC sites pays occasionally up to 1 cent but not for the all unique clicks. Adding to that, the payout limit of $20 is too far to reach. How many years are you going wait!

If you look at the payment proof section where it shows the members being getting paid around $3000, $2000, $1500 and so on. We do not know yet whether it is a just type of points or real cash been paid.

So guys don’t waste your time with Paid4clicks.com because you will lose your money, time, referrals, and effort for your work.

If you are one of the members of Paid4clicks.com please share your thoughts and experience to let people know better. Till that time, You may try few recommended PTC sites if you interested to make money by clicking ads. Our simple advice is to stay away from Paid4clicks.com.

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