Peerfly CPA Network – Review – Result after My test drive

Peerfly CPA Affiliate Network – Reviews & Payment Proof

Today I share my thoughts in few words about Peerfly CPA network. All things considered, my first goal was to test Peerfly CPA affiliate network for couple of months so I’ll have the result to shed opinions to you all.

There is probably you’ll run across a variety of positive reviews about Peerfly yet I thought to share my experience to you in this moment.

All things considered, I am happy to say, Peerfly CPA network ended up being one of the best CPA affiliate network for me. Yet, in reality, there are such a large number of genuine and lucrative CPA affiliate networks out there where you can join and promote their offers.

In my case, I was able to get accepted in many popular CPA affiliate networks in the first instance itself.

One thing what most CPA affiliate marketers or promoters doesn’t like Peerfly is that it usually does not permit to promote all offers which is a minus here, also doesn’t permit to promote through “Get paid to or Incentive based offers”.

Indeed, Peerfly doesn’t have incentive based offers and in which just few point and soft incentive offers you can do through the medium of content locking tool.

On the off chance that you think about how to get accepted in CPA affiliate networks then please read this post which shows how to get accepted in CPA markets which imparts more information to you on the best way to get into the best CPA networks without squandering your valuable time.

For me, I never had any issue in getting acknowledged in Peerfly. I would dependably like to point out my ways of marketing methods, interest and experience conditions on what I have which help me generally to get accepted in CPA networks with no fake promises and illegal methods.

In case you’re bit interested to know the secret then it’s a straightforward and here is the recipe.

You should be extremely cautious while filling the application form and be straightforward with them and I am certain you’ll get through. Okay, back to the topic…

After I was accepted by Peerfly CPA system, I was pondering which offer to promote! Toward the end, I found a Visa gift card offer was exceptionally engaging and appealing.

To be extremely genuine, I didn’t make thousands of dollars, however for me; the money I got was worth of holding up.

My focal point was one and only offer to test and I stick to it till the end, lastly earned as far as possible $50 following couple of months. For your reference, here’s is my Peerfly payment receipt. This will confirm that you don’t have to stress over Peerfly payment while promoting their offers.

Be that as it may, I committed an error unknowingly despite the fact that Peerfly issued a payment at last with no question whatsoever. Thanks to Peerfly CPA network.

Peerfly CPA Affiliate Network  – PayPal Payment Proof

Peerfly CPA Affilaite Network Real PayPal Payment Proof

The End Of My Peerfly Journey

I want to be very honest with you in this moment. Peerfly advertising policy is different than others and it varies one network to the other. When you look at my site name you’ll know that their policy and offers are not compatible with my site. We all know ignorance is no excuse and I received a warning notification only after I requested a payment.

The issue was that my site domain contain a word FREE, and my account is still active too. I received a mail from Peerfly affiliate manager requesting me to remove the offer from my site until I change the web address. I thought they will not issue a payment yet I was delighted to see my money in my PayPal account. Thanks to Peerfly.

The best thing I like about Peerfly is that you’ll have numerous high paying offers to choose from and top of that most offers are easy to promote, high converting and high paying. If you’ve a site that drives good traffic, I recommend content locking which is simply clean and customizable.

Peerfly is very renowned for issuing a payment to affiliates. Peerfly network has been in the business for years. Trust me; Peerfly is one of the legit and reliable networks I’ve come across.

Finally, Peerfly is a place for CPA affiliates who wants to promote offers through paid marketing and getting paid in style. But keep in mind that there are no incentive-based offers in Peerfly.

You can’t promote offers by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or any social platform.

If you’re looking for a network that you want to promote by cash, I think Peerfly is not a place for you. If you can drive traffic through your site or by paid advertising I surely recommend Peerfly without a doubt.

If you’re searching a network that accepts incentive based affiliate offers then you may visit CPAway, Maxbounty, Ultrapay and other networks, yet you may not find many incentive-based CPA offers there too.

Alternatively, you can try here – Incentive based CPA networks

At last, Peerfly is a place for experienced CPA affiliates where they can double their income by promoting high converting offers. Want to try Peerfly! Try today.

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