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Place Multiple Banners Side By Side & One Below The Other!

Ways To Place Multiple Banners Side By Side

In this short post, I am about to show you how to display your Google ads or affiliate banners side by side. Also, you can put banners one below the other too.

When you place banners side by side it helps increase the Google Adsense CTR. Not only that it also removes unwanted space in the content/posts area.

Another interesting HTML code I want to share with you is that you can also insert banners one after another which I think good for Google Adsense text link ads or small referral banners within the content section.

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Place Multiple Banners Side By Side In Content Area

Ok, here is the code you might need to use for placing banners side by side. Copy the code and insert your desired banners in the appropriate places.


<td> 1ST ad here </td>

<td> 2ND ad here </td>


Insert Affiliate/Google Ads One Below Or After Another

This ad placing code is useful if you want to place multiple banners one below the other.

<div style=”float:top;”>Your ads</div>

<div style=”float:middle;”>Your ads</div>

<div style=”float:bottom;”>Your ads</div>

If you find difficulties to place the banners, please let me know so that I can fix the issues. Thank you. Cheers!

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