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In this post, I am going to walk you through about Platinum World Team Build and how you can start making money. I am sure you are here to know whether or not platinum World Team Build is real or another fake MLM program.

There are people who really want to know whether Platinum World Team Build can help them to earn at least $1000 or more.

Don’t worry, I’ll cover Platinum World Team Build presentation, potential earnings, my take on MLM system and much more.

Introduction To Platinum World Team Build

  • Company Name:  Platinum World Team Build
  • Site address: Platinumworldteambuild.com
  • Founder: Ramon Escalara
  • Launching in 2017
  • Business type: MLM Business model 2×4 Matrix
  • Investment required: $100 One time
  • Payment method: ACH, Payza, Bitcoin etc.
  • Who’s it for! – For all who can refer members
  • Affiliates/ Distributors/Consumers/members ratings – Unknown

My Take On Platinum World Team Build – Can You Really Make Quick Money!

Ok, you’re here to know whether Platinum World Team Build is real or scam! Perhaps you have been into MLMs, affiliate programs, team build systems, Pay Per Lead, Revshare programs etc. and sometimes you won’t be making as much money as it says because you need to refer people a lot.

But when it comes to Platinum World Team Build, there is one thing I really like about is that this system is in prelaunch and I am sure you get a lot of new friends whilst promoting online. The more you have the more money you can make in short time.

However, Platinum World Team Build is not launched yet so I’ll be able to provide only what it is and how you can make money with Platinum World Team Build MLM program. Though it doesn’t say, MLM but it looks like very similar concept attached to it.

Don’t always blame the system instead try something new so that at least you can make money. If you are someone who is ALWAYS running behind paid writers, I am sure you’ll be keep searching opportunities forever. Having said that, see how you can leverage the power of team building into a successful money maker.

I am not trying to sell anything but if you wish you can join under me or with somebody else…eventually you’ll be joining under someone…isn’t it!

But anyway…let’s focus here what is PWTB – www.platinumworldteambuild.com and how you can earn money a lot if not extra money by promoting it.

Platinum World Team Build Presentation

Platinum World Team Build – How It Works! PWTB

Platinum World Team Build will be launched in 20 days and there is so much that needs to be updated but so far I could see only the official site and the PowerPoint which illustrated me how one can make easy money by investing just $100. All you need to do is lock in your position before it launched and bring as money people as you want.

Why because it is good to join in a program before it gets launched as when everybody joins and lock their position it would be easy to get paid referrals as time goes by.

So if you’re reading this post before or after launching, make sure you lock your position now so you won’t lose any commission of your free members.

So Platinum World Team Build is basically an affiliate program or you can call it as MLM, which comes with a lot of benefits to it. Though I can’t give much details of PWTB. But I highly encourage you to check the features of PlatinumWorldTeamBuild.com.

What do You get In Platinum World Team Build?

  • All templates and blocks are responsive
  • Drag & drop, user-friendly interface
  • Statistics with Piwik integrated
  • Free photo stock included
  • Media browser
  • Form builder
  • Lead capture
  • Measure form conversion rate
  • Form data export
  • Embed videos
  • Open Street Maps
  • PayPal links
  • 30+ templates included
  • 100+ HTML web blocks
  • 2000+ Icons

Platinum World Team Build Compensation Plan

Platinum World Team Build Compensation Plan

Platinum World Team Build Stages And How It Benefits You

Once you become a paid member by paying $100, you basically start with Bronze Level and by inviting members into Platinum World Team Build network, you’ll start placing yourself from one level to the next. The first 2 members fall left and right.

Now when they upgrade with $100, they will pay you the same. Now you’re moving to the SILVER level which is the level -2 and this is where you start making commission upto to the top.

The level-3 is where the big money starts coming. Each referral brings their two and you receive $800 from them.

Now you made $800 and out of which $500 goes to GOLD membership. So you already made $300 commission for doing nothing.

The last level is PLATINUM and this will be the last stage of the first compensation plan – stage one.

The members fall under level-3 brings their 2 each and that give you $4,000 and you will be forced-upgraded to the top level. So you just made easy $2,000 by migrating one level to the other. You started with $100 from the basic level and now you’re all the way upto 2k profit.

In the same way, the compensation structure works for the second stage with high ticket commissions. Everything comes from your profit, not out of your pocket which is essential point to note. The best part is that you can have multiple accounts as well as you can start from zero when you complete second-stage. However, cross recruiting is not advised or allowed.

My Platinum World Team Build Potential Earnings So far


I advise you to watch Platinum World Team Build video presentation till the end to have a clear understanding.

All upgrades and payment will be done via ACH and Bitcoin. You can pay your membership fee via Credit card, debit card, Payza etc. If you’re already in Platinum World Team Build team make sure you keep $100 in your bitcoin account or any preferred wallet so you don’t lose out your free members or membership.

Platinum World Team Build team – Scam or Legit!

I don’t know it’s a legit or scam but only time will tell us. There is so much to learn and I’ll update Platinum World Team Build program once it is officially launched. 

For now, there is no point here to talk about whether Platinum World Team Build is a scam or legit. Let’s hope things work as it says. We never know but let’s hope everything will go smoothly. You may try if you’re interested in PWTB system. 

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