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Ultimate Collection Of Popular Free Mystery Shopping Companies – Play with it

Free Mystery Shopping Companies

A large quantity of Mystery shopping companies up for grab. That’s right my friend. You’ll get it here without investment. Before you start signing up with established mystery shopping companies, please make sure you learn some basics before jumping in.

Most people assume mystery shopping is just about filling few reports and getting paid handsomely. I think they’re wrong at the same time completing mystery shopping tasks is not a hard part either.

Mystery shopping is nothing but a mode of interactions which are conducted through mystery shopping. This form of experimentation helps the companies to develop the standard product qualities and their customer services which add bottom-line profit to the business. That’s it.

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Getting Started With Mystery Shopping Companies

You should not be paying anything to become a mystery shopper or secret shopper. If any companies asking for an upfront deposit, it means you had landed on membership based sites where you must pay some fees to get mystery shopping companies in the form of eBooks or something else.

Those websites that ask money not directly affiliated with real paying mystery shopping companies. Hence if any mystery shopping companies asks for a fee before you even join then they’re certainly scams. Please be aware of that.

Go through the list of mystery shopping websites at the bottom. Once you registered to mystery shopping companies, you will receive an email when shops are available in your area to do secret shopping. You’ll be provided instruction on how to apply for shops at that time.

Additionally, please note that most mystery shopping legit companies will pay you through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, please create one at PayPal.com. It’s free and easy.

Eligibility To Become A Mystery Shopper

I have listed mystery shopping companies below that are available for certain countries. But do not worry there are many companies available for international participants as well.

Mystery shopping companies will provide shopping services throughout the United States, Australia, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, India, and Canada.

What about your country! Do not worry I listed many secret shopping companies that are available worldwide.

If you live in the areas where shops are available you will be receiving an email notification regarding available shops. Kindly check your eligibility which I listed country-wise below.

Tips To Become A Successful Mystery Shopper

It’s not advisable to accept assignments when you aren’t sure about the assignments. You may also need to consider the location of the shop that you are going to undertake assignments. Also, you should be able to assess how long will it take to complete EACH mystery shopping assignment.

You should be good enough to take a decision as how long will it take to reach the shop location. As most mystery shopping company recommends that instead of turning down a shop it always good to cancel THEM when you sense you will not be able to complete the assignment on time.

There will not be any scarcity of mystery shopping assignments after you registered to few established companies. However, when you accept to complete a mystery shopping task make sure YOU finish it before time lapses.

If any emergency issues which causing you not to complete after initiating the assignment then it’s strongly recommended to contact your manager as soon as possible which ensure that you’re serious to the assignments and possible delays.

When it comes to becoming a successful mystery shopper, clear reporting must and should. It’s advisable to write the reports in MS word. Essay preferred to be chronological, dividing into many paragraphs and showcasing detailed information.

You may later copy and paste your reports in the reporting box for a better reporting. By doing so, it will trigger a positive relationship with your manager also helps you to produce thorough reports and accurate manner.

You must be able to contact your account manager if you facing any difficulties. Communication is essential there when it comes to becoming a successful mystery, shopper.

Popular & Trusted Mystery Shopping Websites

Here’s a list of established and reputed popular mystery shopping companies I compiled for you. There are sites accepts only certain countries. [sociallocker id=”5842″]

Though I see a lot of companies still available internationally. Get this massive list.

Final Words To Mystery Shopping Companies

I hope this free list of mystery shopping companies will boost your earnings just by doing mystery shopping task. I’ll add more mystery shopping companies if I found any on the internet.

Furthermore do not forget to read their policy before accepting mystery shopping tasks. This not only help you avoid possible calamities but also ensures a smooth relationship with your mystery shopping companies.

If you want to add any mystery shopping companies in the list, please feel free to provide them in the comment section so I can update for the benefit of our dear readers. Hope you like it and all the best.[/sociallocker]

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