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By | July 25, 2015

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Promote Links On Facebook To Earn Extra Money

The Facebook social platform is not new these days for online marketing. Facebook is a tool used by many internet marketers to promote their products, it can be either via paid marketing or free advertising. The potential to make money with Facebook is truly staggering. It can bring massive and instant results.

What if I say you can also use the same marketing formula for making extra money in your spare time!

I’ve explained in detail in my previous post on how to supercharge a daily income using Facebook through CPA marketing.

I thought I need to guide people who are extremely new to internet marketing so I decided to focus other forms of part-time income opportunity.

The internet has verities of work at home programs to join for free. You can sign up with any programs free and start making money as long as you’re capable of doing it. Yet I see a lot of people completely a brand new to the internet.

So I decided to share few interesting free ways to make money, that is “Promoting links on Facebook network”.

I am sure these days everybody will have accounts on social networks with average 2000+ followers. Some might just start out. That’s ok.

I am sure you are now starting out in search of free sites to make extra money. How about if you want to kick-start your online presence by promoting links on social networks like Facebook!

You might be thinking what type of jobs you need to execute to make money from social networks!

Well, this job is extremely simple to do as long as you willing to make money online in your spare time. This action requires a little effort and patience.

Remember, you don’t need to sell products or even generate leads for the advertisers or tedious recruiting job. It’s a job that requires you to share links on your social networks such as Facebook.

That’s all you need from you to earn extra money.

Get Paid To Promote Links on Facebook – How exactly It works!

As I previously mentioned that you’ll never need to sell anything on social networks. There are established affiliate networks or get paid share websites that will pay you handsome money just for promoting links to your followers and subscribers.

For instance, there are sites that pay you when you promote links on social networks and when someone who views or clicks on links you’ll earn. The amount per each link visit differs country to country.

There is no obligation that the person should buy something from your link, fillup forms or have to do any type of action. All you need is just a visit from your followers or friends.  There are so many new folks making money while pursuing their college courses. Yes, this program is undoubtedly popular too.

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You can register with any affiliate networks to share links such as Facebook, Google plus, Myspace, Pinterest, forums, blogs, free ads on classified networks and etc. The best part is you can promote advertiser’s link anywhere without traffic restriction. You’ll get paid up to $15 per 1000 link visit.

I understand the earning potential might seem less but it adds up very quickly if you have a lot of friends on social networking sites.

You can promote through a personal blog, mobile phones, tablets, WhatsApp, Telegram, twitter, Facebook messenger application and other social communities. All you have to do is visit the websites and shorten your link and promote wherever possible. It is that simple.

There are so many easy to earn online programs but certainly getting paid to share links on social networks is a hot trend nowadays. People these days have lots of fans and followers. As mentioned above this method doesn’ require any investment, therefore, you can certainly give it a try.

I have listed popular and legit websites that pay for sharing links. Don’t forget that you can use them on any social networks. Just go out there and sign up for the programs. Once you signed up there confirm the link to activate your account.

Now you’re almost there. The next part is getting in the dashboard section and choose your best affiliate link.

What next! Start spreading your free links on social networks and get paid by the advertising networks each time when someone clicks or views your shared links.

Let Me Highlight How You Can Get Paid For Promoting links On Facebook

  • You can sign up instantly with any programs without need of account approval
  • You can earn easy income just by promoting links on Facebook or any social networks
  • You can promote links anywhere online like blog comments, forums, free ads and etc.
  • You can also sign up for a referral program and get paid double when someone joins
  • You’ll get paid up to $15 per 1000 views. You can target countries to boost your income
  • You can promote other paid programs along with your ‘get paid to share links’.

Affiliate Program – Earn Multiple Ways By Promoting Links On Facebook & Other Social Networks

You can also earn multiple ways promoting multiple programs. You can sign up with free to join programs like PTC or GPT programs.

All you have to do is shorten your affiliate link. Now the cool part is each time when someone clicks or view you get paid but it doesn’t stop there. After the timer of the advertiser’s page runs out it will redirect to your affiliate page.

In this way you can earn from your referrals and also get paid by visitor’s views. If you haven’t joined with any of the free programs, no problems you can sign up here as an affiliate.

Your time is running out…head over to this page now – Sites that pays for sharing links | Join FREE

If you’re a starter I think there is no other way to make easy money than promoting links on social networks. Try now.

6 thoughts on “Promote Links On Facebook – Make $20-$300 Extra Money – Free Jobs For Lazy People

  1. Amelia Niuila
    Sign up bonus $25. You referral someone get $10. This is really works great.

    1. Vishnu & Rathi Devi Post author

      Hello ameilia, is a scam site and do not waste time promoting this site. They’re they scammers, cheaters. You never get paid for sure. Need more proof…let me know.

  2. davy

    Promting links seem paid me 90 bucks for 10 sets of links after that I don’t what happen I promt but there not paying me

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