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Scam Or Legitimate?

PTC-Bery – Review | Scam Or Legitimate?

Understanding PTC-Bery- Buxbery

In this post, we are going to review about Ptc-Bery – paid to click website that we found on one of the popular PTC sites while checking ads space for advertising purpose, though we are not part of any ( may be in future) but we are testing… so we thought let’s share some insights to our dear readers about…

So what we got? We found another PTC site called in the review list. So we thought to share a bit about the site. Ptc-Bery is no different from any other PTC sites on the web.

It works in the same way like how other genuine paid to click site operates. There are some changes when it comes to payment limit and pay-per-click rate. That’s it.

About PTC-Bery-Buxbery & Signing Up Process is an advertising portal that designed for delivering quality traffic for the advertisers through pay per view/click method. On the other hand, members from worldwide can sign up for the program to make some extra cash for visiting advertiser’s website.

PTC-Bery-Buxbery program allows international members to take part so there is no restriction in terms of signing up the process. When it comes to restriction, the member’s participation age limit must be above 16. Are you there?

Also, members can sign up with PTC-Bery  or Buxbery without fees before upgrade kick in. Yeah…that is optional. Each paid to click will fetch up to 2 cents. There is also an option like other PTC sites such as upgrading and renting referrals. You will find detailed information at the PTC-Bery website. You can check on that later.

PTC-Bery-Buxbery | Watch Out!!

Well, looks professional in terms of site design, detailed explanation about payment system, a number of people, referral program, pay per view commission and so on. But one thing you should note before signing up with

You may ask what that is! Again, the site is relatively new to the web. As we all know, it may turn to a scam pit in future but we cannot predict anything now based on age. There are many PTC sites still new to the web but very genuine and performing really good.

  • Name Of The Website –
  • Site Founded – 2014-11-05
  • Program Availability – Worldwide
  • Current Members – 70438+ (Still counting)
  • Total Paid So Far – $329,470.84+ (Still counting)
  • Reliability Of The Program – Relatively New (Formerly
  • Type of Program – PTC (Get paid to click ads)
  • Sign up Cost – Free (Upgrade option available)
  • Contact – Submit a ticket

However, we can’t take that age part very lightly as well. If you are very much controlled and dedicated to PTC programs, you should give it a shot & see how things are going. Don’t upgrade your membership position before you start receiving your payment consistently.

Though, the upgrade memberships is not a big amount, but if you want to throw your money for a testing purpose thinking that you are not going to lose a lot, you can go for it because getting paid quickly is one of the things that everyone likes about.

If you say, you do not want upgrade membership plan until you receive your first payment as a free member, that’s fine. It’s your freedom of choice. If you are a free member, you will have to wait till you reach the minimum payment limit that’s $4 and for an upgraded member $2 which are quite good in terms of payment withdrawal limit.

On payment duration part, you will receive your payment through PayPal within one hour after your payment verification process completed. So you better read the frequently asked page to know any changes before requesting payment from

If you want to upgrade or advertise, you can do so through Paypal, Payza, Payeer, Egopay and Perfectmoney. – Is A Scam Or Legitimate?

As we said earlier, will have to prove its legitimacy in many ways in the long run. We would say, the more it gets older the more it can become a stable or sustainable site. So far there are not many payment complaints found.

The one drawback for this is due to a new player to the PTC industry. That’s really putting many people to think twice before joining. We also noticed that the site has changed its domain name recently for whatever reason. You need to be really cautious on that part as well. In spite of all, is very prevalent on the web.

In conclusion part, seems like a genuine site but we are not sure how long that legitimacy will continue like other reputed PTC sites. The issues may even raise tomorrow related to payment issues or sort of scam complaints. Only time will expose…

Since we are not part of, can not blindly predict that it’s a scam which is absolute nonsense and unethical to say, but we are sharing our thoughts based on previous experiences from PTC sites and reviews. Everything that we predict in our personal life, will not happen in real. So take PTC-Bery – positively and decide from there.

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I really appreciate if you share your opinions below :)