1. Hi
    I agree with you, but my rented referrals are not clicking daily .They are clicked for every 4 days once or some times a week.But I can’t understand one thing I bought 6 rented referrals in them some are not clicking ,I assumed they are not active. After some days all the referrals are not getting clicks .so what does it mean.how it could be all are inactive at least one person must be active right .I am not getting any idea what to do .please, I need a suggestion from because you are earning a lot right .Hoping for a fast reply.

  2. So far Neobux has been great I earned so much money with minijobs and I didn’t have to Invest anything. I also rent referals as long as you have a decent recycling strategy they will be really profitable. You can also do offers and surveys. http://goo.gl/LQdCqI


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