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RPM – Residual Profit Machine 2.0 – Review

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RPM Residual Profit Machine 2.0 – Unbiased Review

Perfect start!!! You arrived at RPM -Residual Profit Machine 2.0 review page by chance through my blog link or you could have landed here from one of the sources like search engines, that’s alright. Regardless of how you found this page I want you to stay in this RPM review for couple of minutes.

RPM - RPM Residual Profit Machine 2.0I am certain this RPM review will lend a hand understanding in a broader way which uncovers something deeply that most affiliates unaware of it.

So I should begin and let you know as why I quit Residual Profit Machine’s premium membership in 15 days! Certainly, cash is cash and that shouldn’t be squandered at any cost so let’s dive in.

What Is RPM – Residual Profit Machine 2.0?

RPM – Residual Profit Machine 2.0 is built based upon sales funnels with monthly membership plan. With that you’ll have their sales funnels so you can promote NWC – National Wealth Center. Besides, RPM – Residual Profit Machine helps you to bring NWC referrals or can be utilized for building list or prospects without a site or HTML coding ever required.

Residual Profit Machine Is Free To USE!

In no way the system is free, except the free 4 guaranteed signups. Keep in mind that the end goal to get your sales funnel up and running with your NWC affiliate id, there are two things you should do.

The initial step is to buy a domain name so you can mask your affiliate link and the second part is subscribing into one of their marketing sites which will cost about $20 every month.

RPM have two marketing sites, ResidualProfitMachine and PayMeResidual which are being operated by same owners. So if you ever thought it is free then you’re wrong.

Residual Profit Machine offers you sales funnels with free auto responder which is another great piece of it. You can get leads via RPM system so you can redirect to the National Wealth Center  (NWC) signup page.

I hope you understood now like how RPM – Residual Profit Machine work. Now let’s move on to the main subject…

RPM Sales Funnel 2.0 & FREE Rotator! 

RPM was extremely appealing to me at first sight. The RPM official sales funnel was implicit such way that set off a positive note in me to get started. Also 4 guaranteed NWC paid signups free for RPM members. Seriously the deal was great! But… hang on tight please. To be honest, the whole external setup was awesome!

Hence, I chose to subscribe NWC-National Wealth Center via RPM system. After I paid my NWC monthly membership to my sponsor as well as admin charge I signed into memberarea which is another network of RPM.

Befuddled here!

Look, RMP system has another site called “Nationalwealthcentered”. This is the place you’ll be presenting your PayPal receipt so you’ll be included in the RPM free rotator so you can get 4 free guaranteed paid signups

(Note that NWC – is not connected with at any cost neither direct organization nor association)

When you get inside Nationalwealthcentered you’ll be given access step by step instructional videos which show you how to buy their RPM sales funnel and also shows how to submit the username in the free rotator to advance NWC viably.

The RPM sales funnel is optional, however some starters would subscribe to it so they can generate NWC leads gradually. In the event that you don’t wish to subscribe as paid a member you can promote NWC affiliate link directly.

My RPM Username Inclusion – What Next!

To get FREE 4 paid guaranteed signups you must have to present your PayPal receipt so RPM will add your name in their free rotator. In addition to that, you’ll not be eligible to receive 4 paid signups if you had been already referred 4 NWC members from your own marketing effort.

No doubt! I was fresh to NWC… Who will want to pass up a great opportunity something like getting 4 free paid signups? According to RPM terms I submitted my PayPal receipt and my username so they can include in their free rotator.

OMG! I was stunned to see my name recorded at 1300th rank which I thought really long time to hold up. As indicated by RPM system, it ought to take around 6-10 months to generate 4 free paid-signups for me.

So what’s the issue now?

Until then I’ll have to continue paying my monthly membership to my NWC sponsor as well as admin fees! I kept my nerve calm and comprehended that such a mass holding up in the line to get free paid signups.

I have some marketing skills but how about starters! Should they have to keep paying many months just to get those 4 signups?

I do not think you would agree with that nonsense.

In spite of all hypes on the internet I see RPM system is not that quickly becoming popular why because the following a week I saw my rank just claimed about 8 notches.

Why RPM 2.0 Is Not Growing Fast!

The primary reason according to me is that RPM doesn’t provide a dedicated affiliate link built in NWC signup page rather recommends all free members to promote RPM official site directly so the paid signups can come bit faster from free rotator.

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

For more info: Create your account here

Now just imagine who will want to invest money or waste time to promote their site instead of a replicated link?

Do you think any sane person will continue to promote their system just to get 4 paid signups that too not guaranteed for some folks!

Fake Business & Illegitimate Work Ethics

Unquestionably, I lost all the trust innately that RPM framework doesn’t work at any case. To be completely honest with you I didn’t stress over free paid-signups since I already bought RPM sales funnel monthly membership from which I can bring more individuals effortlessly into NWC.

In truth, I managed to bring 93 leads using RPM sales page in 10 days (Note that I used some paid advertising). The RPM give access to members where leads, sales funnels, auto responder and other things can be viewed and edited in real time.

If you’re great in recruiting then you need not to buy RPM premium memberships. Despite the 4 free sign up offer, RPM is not growing that fast as it does not provide replicated sites.

I can guarantee that RPM is doing shady sort of business that does not remunerate their premium members. I was using their premium RPM sales funnel to get leads. The auto- responder sends occasionally to my prospects with their official link appended to it.

Come again! Yes instead my affiliate link they appended their direct web address!

What the F**k is that?

Those are my leads and I can do whatever I want but RPM was keep sending subsequent meet-ups to my mailing list with their official RPM site liked to it.

Seriously… that expected to be my NWC referral link or the link of the RPM affiliate program. (RPM also have affiliate program that pays when someone upgrades to premium)

RPM and NWC are not subsidiary each other or followed progressively so in the event that somebody from my mailing list visits RPM again and joins, the credit won’t reflect in my NWC account. Since each time you visit RPM, the name of the affiliates will be continued changing at the sign-up page.

Final Words – RPM Residual Profit Machine 2.0 (Trust Commendable)

What Is RPM – Residual Profit Machine 2.0 - ReviewWith reference to the above topic, the RPM Residual Profit Machine 2.0 is a trick as I was able to see it. I asked myself like for what reason my credits are being put to wrong use despite the fact that I paid for a domain, sales funnels, Auto-responder and for the rest?

This RPM bandit is harvesting the money from other’s activity!

I can not stress how doltish RPM business can be? In the event that RPM need to top off 4 free paid signups for the members including me as guaranteed on the site then they ought to spend their own cash for promoting but rather than doing a legitimate business why my contacts been used as a part of the primary advertising?

See, the moment you joined NWC through one of the RPM sales pages or from affiliates you’re qualified to receive 4 paid ensured free signups. The premium sales funnels are discretionary. The sales pages are optional that comes with month to month paid membership plan. So I acquired premium sales funnels to advance NWC however RPM abused it. Why!

Try not to follow 4 free paid sign ups whatsoever. RPM is sick and scam in my view. The good news is National Wealth Center has now launched a sales funnel but not that great to be honest yet beginners can use it and on top of it few changes in the administration cost as well.

If in case, you’re searching for a simple yet powerful sales funnel marketing tool to promote any of your programs or products online including A/B testing I recommend NPNBuilder which I am using it now.

The best part is that you can promote NPNBuilder, your products and businesses like PTC, MLM, Affiliate programs and many more. No traps, no deceiving, no trick and so forth.

At last, RPM – Residual Profit Machine is a not reliable system in my experience. I do not claim RPM – Residual Profit Machine 2.0 does not offer 4 ensured free signups yet I am certain that you straightforwardly squandering your money for premium membership as well as marketing funnels.

National Wealth Center has been in the business since 2009. There are so many people who have made and making real and instant cash from it. However, if you want to speed up your leads and referrals I suggest do not use RPM sales funnel which I think is a scam and sham.

Please keep in mind that there are so many similar sales funnel marketing systems out there like RPM. Also make sure that you do not waste time with GPS Funnel which is another marketing system.

Try finding a legit sales funnel marketing tool which should not only help building your leads growth but also real signups. Do not ever dare to try RPM- Residual Profit Machine 2.0. Good luck.

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