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Scam Or Legitimate?

Rs.50,000 Voucher- BigBazaar, Reliance, WalMart Scam Or Real!

Hype About BigBazaar, Reliance, Walmart Vouchers

Of late offers from Bigbazaar, Reliance, Walmart and from many branded companies seems increasing day by day. This is another big story that is happening all across the internet.

Undoubtedly, you might have noticed some flashy advertisements that surface very often on the internet especially in your browsers.

The advertisements usually offer big gifts and vouchers for FREE. For example “Gift voucher worth Rs.50,000 from big branded companies like “Bigbazaar, Reliance, Walmart” etc. Some offers you’ll notice might look very attractive and fancy claims too.

I just don’t like the way the ads appears all the time in my browsers. I am so disappointed and terribly annoyed the way the ads meddle in my regular browsing habits.

So I decided to write something about briefly for my fellow members explaining what those advertisements are and its benefits. Alright! Here we go.

Unwanted Free Survey Offers And Vouchers

I am sure you must have noticed some objectionable advertisements very often pop-ups all the time in your browser promises you like “Get free Rs.50,000 “BigBazaar, Reliance, WalMart” etc.

We all are familiar to the brands like BigBazaar, Reliance, WalMart. Isn’t it! If you live in India this types of ads are very prominent and prevalent. I am very sure you must have seen similar type of offers on the internet that I am discussing about.

In my opinion, this type of free offers never seems to decrease rather increasing rapidly due to more publishers in the club I mean due to increasing of “CPA advertising campaigns”.

I’ll explain you step by step about the ads and what preventive measures you must take to avoid scams and fake claims.

Don’t ever complete the surveys until you know what is behind the offers. According to me, the offers you see are legit but some are scams. Let’s find out in this short post.

Free Vouchers And Gift Card Offers – The Tricks!

Have you ever thought of the offers from BigBazaar, Reliance, WalMart thinking all legit! Or did you ever receive any free offers just by completing few minutes survey online?

I understand your dilemma. Alright, the drama behind all type of gift card survey offers is to take your personal information. As a matter of fact, the advertisers wants user’s personal information somehow or by some means and return they give you some free gifts.

For that purpose, the advertisers promote free offers via emails sometimes through advertising including “Pop-up ads”.

When you perform a keyword search in the search engines, the relevant advertisement based on your keyword search pop ups in your browser without your authorization. This is so annoying and intimidating for many internet users including me.

How it began! Who is behind these unsolicited advertisements? This is nothing but PPV (Pay per view) advertisement from a third-party advertising networks.

Sometimes the ads pop up internally in your browsers without any search performance. Yet I’ve no idea like how the Ad scripts work behind the browser. Keep in mind that it has nothing to do with Google ads.

Behind BigBazaar – Reliance – Walmart Offers And Vouchers

CPA marketing is booming all over the internet. I believe there aren’t many folks familiar to CPA marketing yet. That’s fine. Let me explain a bit about CPA.

CPA marketing is nothing but “Cost-per-action program”. The publishers usually do all kinds of tricks to make money because when people enter their personal information in the offer page the publishers will get paid an awesome cash instantly.

There are so many established CPA affiliate networks on the internet that accept affiliate marketer as an independent publisher. You can also become an independent publisher if you’re good at internet marketing. However signing up as a CPA affiliate is not easy at the same time not hard either.

The publisher who promotes free offers will get paid each time when the customer enters their phone number or email id in the offer page.

There is no obligation that the visitors must buy the offers. On the contrary, the customers/visitors can close the window without buying products. In any case once response received, the publisher will get paid whopping $1-$15 depending on the type of offers promoted.

The publishers generally target visitors through paid advertising methods such as from PPC, PPV, GPT, Social media like YouTube, pop-up, and pop-under.

These publishers push their advertising campaigns to the maximum using advertising tools and methods which you might not know. All they want from you is just a phone number or your email id. That’s it.

Offers And Vouchers Are Scam Or Legit!

I don’t convey my conclusion as all offers are inherently false. Indeed, many offers that have a reasonable claim are real. The claims you see sometimes $1000 gift cards seems too good to be true. Even vouchers are not an exception to it.

However, it depends on advertisers or the companies. There are some legit companies will give away such offers worth $1000 because it works for them.

Yet there are some fake advertisers do some tricks to take your information. On the internet, you’ll find many good and few bad. Isn’t it!

Final Words 

I don’t say all the offers are fake and inherently false. Indeed, it depends on the type of companies that promote this type of offers. Although I don’t believe offers like Rs.50000 gift vouchers from BigBazaar, Reliance, Walmart or any because this seems for me too good to be true.

I never heard people in India who actually received such gifts from BigBazaar, Reliance, WalMart or from any advertising companies. On the other hand, big gift card offers mainly targeted for the consumers like US, Canada, UK, Australia and so forth.

I still trust on some of the offers that might work well for everyone. The big offers from BigBazaar, Reliance, WalMart is not real or scam either.

All giveaways depending upon the quality of the companies and advertisers. You might not need to bother publishers because they’re just promoting offer what it has been told for them.

Finally, I don’t trust the offers that ready to give me worth Rs.50,000 or even $1000 Visa or master card Gift card in India. These offers designed exclusively for the targeted countries.

Therefore, whatever offers you see like Big Bazaar, Reliance Mart, Walmart Vouchers in India is simply a hoax and not affiliated with the branded legit companies.

The advertisers may be able to giveaway such offers free for selected countries but not certainly in India. There are sites promotes offers in the name of big companies yet some of the offers worth buying but many not.

Although, you may complete offers if you find legit advertisers who want to giveaway for you just by giving away your details.

Have you ever run across similar offers like  Big Bazaar, Reliance Mart, Walmart vouchers recently. Please share your thoughts. Thank you.

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