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Search Visitors Dropped In Oneday! I made One Change- Now What?

Looking for the solutions to identify how your search terms or search visits dropped in Google in just one day! Probably, this post would shed some ideas as why you should not overdo certain things like me.

Look, we bloggers do some ex-ordinary things sometimes thinking some minor tweaks and changes will give best results for our blog because some intentional changes not only help us to improve our site performance if it were right but also help us to increase our blog daily visits but honestly sometimes things may go wrong. What about you!

Search Visitors Dropped – Problem Identified 

  • Affiliate content
  • Template Changed
  • ? (You tell me)

Be Careful On Your Changes

So, we must be very circumspect on certain things before we hit by Google. Did you observe that there is something really made to get hit on your daily visitors! Was visitor statistics down drastically in just one day? If so, let me tell you what I’ve experienced so far.

There are so many SEO perspectives that could have triggered your blog as a spammy blog/site by the search engines. I accept the fact that I am not an SEO expert; however let me share my experience with you so you may get some ideas and you can solve your Blog issues in time.

I made some changes in my blog hoping I could make some quick money out of it but then the next day my blog in the search engines got hit very badly. Though I didn’t know how to find out the real daily visitors count but there were few applications such as “WordPress stats plugin, Feedjit and Statcounter.com” I used which lend a hand to detect the visitor’s fluctuations (I am yet to use Google analytics).

I Am Not A Popular Blogger

I am not a big blogger like those who receives thousands of visitors every day but being a small blogger I always spend time on a topic on which I can write post legitimately. So I drafted a post naming “Online gift cards” having 700 words article hyper-linking 15 affiliate links on the same page (inter-linking CPA offers).

Well, I am still promoting CPA offers outside so I thought let me write content on a topic and invite people to the same page so the visitors might click and complete any one of the offers. Come on guys…I need some money, not a rich person.

One Post Ruined My Blog Performance

After published a post on 27th, in the next few days I was able to notice that my search terms or traffic for my blog went down or I can say went down to 20 percent. You could imagine my situation at that point of time. So I searched the remedies in Google because I wanted to know what could have caused to drop visitors for no reason because I didn’t do any changes on SEO part.

Then I spend few hours online, reading some threads at popular forums, but none of those solutions were concrete to confirm my SEO effect and I wasn’t able to figure it out why my Google traffic went down drastically.

Checking Traffic Status & Remedies 

So I went back to research my traffic status as from when my traffic dropped in the search engines. I was able to find the culprit there. What a surprise that my traffic started to go down from the day when I published a post on “Gift cards offers” interlinking 15 plus CPA offers in the same page directing to the same domain. Spammy content! I don’t know yet.

Now, what! I was not sure how my traffic went down!!! Just because of one post! Could be! Later I thought let me remove the post and see how the result occurs from there. What a pleasant surprise! After removal of my post, my traffic regained to normal in few days.

still I am confused about Google as why they have to penalize for just one post because usually I don’t interlink much of affiliate links or any promotional things in the post! God, search engines are too selfish. To be very honest, I still don’t know why the traffic went down. I used content locker too. The result was too bad that my traffic and search terms have got worst hit.

So if you smell there is something causing your blog to fall out abnormal traffic then I am sure you might have done some changes in your blog. So I advise you to go back and check the date and the visitor’s status so you will be able to know the real cause of your blog problems.

SEO Impact Sudden Search Traffic Decrease

Also, according to my experience, the template also plays a major role for dropping ranking. Did you change your template? If so, remove and revert to old template until you buy some quality theme like “Thesis”. Even though my theme is free to use so I didn’t see much of traffic changes in the search engines.

If you manage to find the causes as why your site is not driving traffic like before then, you must do some changes to diagnose otherwise it will continue forever. Find the cause and rectify the issues before you lose your blog.

Final Thought

This is my small contribution, there could be many SEO reasons for which Google could have penalized your blog, but you should’ve known what changes you made recently that causing blog traffic decreasing. Thank you for your time. Please share your views if you’ve any.

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