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4 Comments on "SFI Legit Review – I’ve 850+ Referrals Making $20 Per Month – Are You Surprised!!!"

  1. I have been with sfimg 2012 only make a little bit of money. I have reached out to my team no response from them. However I can see that they are not that successful because of how active they are with the program. I do my best to guide. I rarely.hear from my sponsor. I am thinking about dropping out. The company only seems to be about the money. However I have found a great marketing system that helps you money and help you with your primary business. No matter what business your in check it out below!

    • Thank you for your time Donna. I really appreciate your comment. Yes, I referred a lot of folks but SFI seems too much to handle. You have invest at least $30 per month to see some money there. SFI commission will increase only those who under you upgrade and stay with the system for at least 6 months or so.

    • Hi.. Just curious as to whether or not you’re still a Part of SFI? If you’re thinking about leaving, maybe you could join my down line and we could work together? I’ve been a member since 2015, dabbling here and there with it between jobs. Lately I have been visiting the site daily and started a blog just to showcase TC items & stores. You can reach me on hangouts at passion2write84 @ gmail
      Let’s build together!

  2. I’m 3 months old in SFI and not quitting because I can see the potential. I want to be wealthy. It is all layed-out on SFI on how to be successful so don’t waste the opportunity and you must remember that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, as like any other jobs. It will require effort and work on your part. What’s best is, and I’ve learned also from this, that it doesn’t need any investment at all(but will give you big ROI if you do) to make money. Without a job, as me being limp at the moment, I find it fascinating to start a biz with SFI. I am joining Listverse and is just studying first to have $100 per article so I can incentivize my team and grow the biz… Expand it. Join my team and I promise this, we will be RICH! http://www.sfippa.com/17193443/real

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