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SFI Paid Me $40.80 Payment Proof Available – Scam Or Legit?

SFI Payment Proof – Review

I am writing this post this evening to show my SFI payment proof for the people who are still skeptical to join or want to promote SFI – Strong Future International.

Do not worry your search will end here because I had posted SFIMG payment proof in this page. I am sure you familiar to SFI system like how it works, earning potential and its history. Hence, I am not going to review everything in details here.

Before scrutinizing my payment proof let me share my opinions so you will be able to understand and learn how you also can make money like me with SFI work at home program with a little bit of hard work.

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Wanna know!!! Read here my detailed SFI Unbiased- Review.

Since 2013 With SFI – Strong Future International

I have been a member of SFI since 2013. I referred new affiliates in good number but due to my regular job I was not able to promote aggressively. So whatever SFIMG.com’s banner I have displayed on my blog will bring one or two new affiliates to my SFI account.

Moreover, I was part of EA status with SFI only for the first month. This decision I made after the 1st month thinking I can’t afford to pay something to maintain my EA status. Since then I never was an EA member. Surprised!!!

Because I thought the number people I have in my downline is more than enough to bring a small fortune every month. Since then I am getting paid when my affiliates generate cash by their efforts.

SFI is good at paying commissions to its affiliates as I have been getting paid since I began. This is my opinion and recommendation for you.

SFI Negative Reviews And Opinions

If you’ve joined and intended to promote SFI then I recommend you to read the extensive review before doing that because it might help you in great extent.

Why I am writing this SFI payment proof review post is that there are people still posting negative reviews and complaints against SFI without trying the system.

Nowadays people generally ask at first a payment proof of any work at home program for that real payment proofs is a must in order to confirm the nature of the business. There are several illegitimate offers out there on the internet wasting people’s investment and time.

Who would like to be a part of scam business!!! So I am sure this payment proof will shed some light on SFI’s legitimacy.

SFI Video Payment Proof – On YouTube


Here Is My Screen Shot Of My SFI Payment Proof

The payment I received is not much though it’s a great pleasure to receive a payment at difficult situation without doing anything. I have countable referrals in my account, in that only 6 members still continuing to promote and obtained EA status. They’ve been moving to next level. To be very honest with you guys I either trained them nor taught them on how to work with SFI because I left promoting SFI very long time ago.

I don’t want to waste my referrals and their efforts so I would make sure that my account is safe & not deactivated hence I would log into SFI account every week to prevent such things (45 days maximum time limit).

If you’re keen on making money with SFI and wanting to promote online to earn using good referrals then I am sure you can make more money than me without a doubt.

Your earning potential may vary but quality referrals can fetch you $200-$500 per month without investment or doing anything. For instance, if you manage to bring only 100 quality people then my prediction will happen. So without further ado let’s find out SFI PayPal payment proof.

SFI – Email Payment Notification


SFI – PayPal Payment Proof – 2013-2015

sfi paypal payment proof

Conclusion To SFI Payment Proof Review

On the internet, there are people who might say SFI does not worth trying but in my opinion I have been paid on time every month without any payment delay. The payment cash out limit is just $20 to receive. There are options you may choose within the SFI account like when your fund needs to be transferred to your account.

Your earned credits of SFI (Strong Future International) will be paid via PayPal once the payment limit is reached. All you have to do is fill your PayPal ID and click save. That’s all.

The payment cycle is 20th of every month and you’ll need to wait one or two days’ to reflect payment in your PayPal account. The payment credit may vary depending on your country.

To prove SFI is safe I have provided SFI payment proof which will help you to take decision effectively. Have anything to share about SFI income opportunity! Share with me.

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