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  1. its 100% scam coz i paid 100$ for ad post job..i did the first assignment which took me 10 days to complete..and when i submitted they wont accept it and didn’t even gave me a reason.later on they don’t even answer my email no matter how many times u message them coz their aim was to earn 100$ from me not to employ me…if u wanna know more you can email me..i would be glad to help to not being scammed like me by this ponzy websites

    1. Yes Manoj, I have been into similar sites in the past. I know pretty much how these sites do eventually.

      I am sorry you lost your time and money. This Shortcutstocash has played a big role against my blog. He went on creating fake consumer complaints all over the internet. He has commented against me in many blogs, forums stating that I took money from him like Rs.13000 something, which I don’t know what this idiot is talking about. He made all these accusations because of my negative review.

      Shortcutstocash.com has so many fake domains. So don’t fall prey this scammers ever again.

  2. Hi,
    I wasted around 4000 rs for getting work from shortcuts…… site but they didn’t pay even penny after completing work and later blaming me that am using more than one pc or loggings. fake site don’t waste money.


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