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How To Show More Related Posts In Jetpack WordPress Plugin?

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Show Related Posts In Jetpack WordPress Plugin– Simple Steps

In this post, I am going to explain how to show more related posts in the article page using Jetpack WordPress plugin. If you have not activated Jetpack WordPress Plugin for your WordPress blog then visit WordPress jetpack plugin to download.

By default, Jetpack WordPress Plugin will show only 3 related posts in the content page. If you want to improve your appearance of the related post then you have to do small changes in the plugin setting.

Well, you don’t need to add any coding to change the number of posts to show in the thumbnails. It’s so simple.

All you have to do is find the coding in the Jetpack WordPress Plugin editor page and change the number of related post counts in a second.

Let’s get into the simple tutorial which will show how to change the related post count without adding any coding in the Jetpack WordPress Plugin. If you want to customize Jetpack WordPress Plugin related post setting like colour, theme size and others then you should know coding well in order do it.

If you don’t know how to change the entire Jetpack WordPress Plugin setting via editor page then don’t do it.

Show More Related Posts In Jetpack WordPress Plugin  

Step One

Login to your WordPress and find the setting page from your WordPress control panel, which is “Installed plugin” page where you will be able to see the “Setting/edit option” there.

Click the “edit option” which will take you to the editing option within in the WordPress blog.

How To Show More Related Posts In Jetpack WordPress Plugin?

change the setting to increase your post counts in jetpack plugin

Step two

After you moved to Jetpack WordPress Plugin editing page, use the search bar within the plugin page by typing the keyword “Related”. Now you’ll find an option to edit the “Related post” in the plugin.

Click the related-post.php link to go to the next editing page.

After you moved to the editing page, search the plugin option again with “Related” where you’ll find an option to edit the related post in the plugin. 

Step Three

After you moved to the third editor page in Jetpack WordPress Plugin you would see there are three options as follows.

  • jetpack/modules/related-posts/jetpack-related-posts.CSS
  • jetpack/modules/related-posts/jetpack-related-posts.php
  • jetpack/modules/related-posts/jetpack-related-posts.JS

jetpack plugin related post modules

This is where you’ll be changing a number of posts on your blog. You can choose any number of posts to appear on your blog. Click the second Jetpack WordPress Plugin link post.php from the edit page to change the number of posts to show within your post.

If you are unable to find the code you may copy this code to locate – ( $this->_options[‘size’] = 3; )

Search by using keyboard keys Ctrl+F option. Once you hit that code you may change to any number of Related posts to show on your blog.

change jetpack related post setting

By default Jetpack WordPress Plugin, related post number will be 3. I have already changed to 6 so you need to change to 6 or any number that you want to change.

Now save the editing page and refresh your blog. Now Jetpack WordPress Plugin will show more related posts within your content or article pages. Thank you. 

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