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Sites That Pays For Listening To Music – Earn While You Play

Best Sites That Pays For Listening To Music – Make Extra Money

I am going to show you few sites that pays for listening to Music.


No doubt, this is open to everyone who like to enjoy listening to music regularly using some sites or playing melodies in his mobile/PC. For the music lover this is a free opportunity as there are sites willing pay for listening to music and this can be fun also to earn some extra money.

Sites That Pays For Listening To MusicIf you aren’t a big enthusiast of playing music you can make extra money from sites that pays for listening to Music. All they want from you is one basic thing like play the songs and turn off. That is it.

You may even turn off the sound while listening to songs. Whichever way you feel like and still you can make extra money for doing nothing.

All you need is some cash for just playing songs in your spare time. Who wouldn’t have any desire to earn when companies ready to pay for listening to songs! Do you like this proposition like getting paid to listen to songs!!!

List Of Sites That Pays For Listening To Music & Reviews

Slicethepie – Earn Upto $20 For Reviewing Songs

Slicethepie is a basic system which composes reviews on songs or tunes with the help of members before it get released.

As you’re being a member for Slicethepie you’ll be shared songs for composing short surveys or reviews for which you’ll get paid handsomely.

You don’t need to be a specialist author to get paid for listening to music. It’s a straightforward procedure where you’ll be shared new songs to listen around 90 seconds and after that post your 50-100 words comment in the box section.

At last rate the track between 0-10 before preceding submitting it. It is that straightforward business.

Every time you listening to songs and do a short review you will earn $5-$20 or more. As I mentioned before you never should be a specialist or a lyricist to get paid.

Just listen to the songs and post your straightforward audits of what you felt about the songs. If you attached to listening to music I am damn certain writing 50 words review not a major ordeal for you. Wouldn’t you be able to do that buddy!

With regards to Slicethepie payment withdrawal limit it pays once you reach $10 which will be paid to your PayPal on Monday or Tuesday. Slicethepie is one of the well-known sites that pays for listening to music and taking surveys.

MusicXray – Earn 10 Cents For Each Song

Musicxray is one of my most loved destinations that pays for listening to music. The registration is opened worldwide yet well suitable for US inhabitants. Like I said at Musicxray you never need to write a review as it pays just for listening to songs or music.

You’ll be served songs and tap the artists button and play the tunes for 30 seconds. Every song you play will bring you 0.10 cents.

Just 10 cents for listening to songs!!! I understand your worry but it add up quickly so take it easy. Moreover this is not a business but some pocket money.

Some Issue In Receiving Tunes

I heard few individuals worry that they are not receiving more songs to listen to. However the reason as why some are not getting more songs to play is that not updating membership’s profile.

You should adjust your profile frequently by changing well-known artists and after that you’ll be assigned songs as suggested by many earners there.

Review - Sites That Pays For Listening To Music - reviewYou must frequently change the artist’s profile setting to see the recurrence of the songs delivered. You’ll not get songs or tunes until you change artists in the given field.

It is like survey invitations where you’ll receive only when profile updated as per the requirements. So make sure to update and try to change artists name now and then if necessary.

The money withdrawal limit is $20 I know it’s far to achieve the point yet I have seen individuals coming to the payout level in brisk time. The amount of cash you make relies on how you set your artist profile in your account.

When you reached your withdrawal limit you can request for a payment which will be paid to your PayPal account. You’ll become more acquainted with more information about once you signed in the account area.

Conclusion To “Sites That Pays Listening To Music”

At present these are just two famous genuine sites that pays for listening to Music. They are great and suggested. These genuine sites that pay for listening to music and you can earn some extra cash just in your spare time.

Since they acknowledge individuals I suggest you try this free opportunity. Aside from the above two sites, I discovered another two in the list yet I didn’t explained in this page since I thought those two doesn’t justified, despite any potential benefits.

If you want to look at them, here they are ADDICTEDTORADIO.COM and Get Rich Radio.

If I come across any similar sites that pays for listening to Music surely I’ll update in this page.

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