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Stop Buying Reliance Netconnect Plus – Terrible Network- My Honest Review

Don’t Buy Reliance Internet Plus Connection

Want to buy a Reliance Netconnect plus! Please stay with me for few minutes. I want to

give out my candid opinions on Reliance Netconnect plus wireless in this occasion.

I’ve been using Reliance Netconnect plus cordless network for sometimes which was recommended by one my friends who worked in reliance store. He recommended Reliance Netconnect plus internet service is better than any of its competitors like Airtel, MTS MBlaze, and Tata Photon.

I was new to Reliance Netconnect plus service therefore after his recommendation I thought let’s try reliance service and see how far this network can perform better than its rivals.

As a first time subscriber, “Reliance offered me 10GB free usage” for the first month. I was OK with the speed as I was able to view videos without interruption or buffering. Then the real problem started.

Reliance Keep Changing Its Plan To Worst

After continuing the above healthy plan for a while, reliance changed to a better plan for an unlimited data usage for 15 days at Rs.450. It all went somewhat good till this plan expired.

Then the Reliance made another move changed to a crappy plan which I think this plan is not at all good for the reliance data card users because it gives 8GB usage for 28 days validity at Rs.699. After the limited usage is over we can use it for 28 days at 130+ Kbps speed which I think useless to have that speed.

Reliance Netconnect Plus promised in their official website that after the limited quota is over it will still give us at 130+ KBPS for 28 days. Though I can see in my Reliance App that gives speed at 5-10 KBPS only which I think the Reliance crooks ARE not up to their promises as per the Rcom website.

I am unable to open even my Google page which usually takes many hours to show up the simple web page. I can’t even think of watching any videos with that speed too.

Reliance has three options in the App which can be manually changed according to the speed we want.

  • Reliance Netconnect Plus – Normal speed
  • High-speed 1X – Low speed
  • Hybrid- Very low speed

In the above three options only the first option which is a high Netconnect speed option though the speed is not really that good to be very honest with you guys. The Reliance netconnect plus can be used until we have enough data usage in the tank. Once the quota is over, the App automatically forces us to use the below two options.

I opted out 28 days validity with that plan and I was not used enough 8GB data but disappeared somehow which I think this reliance country looter indirectly forcing subscribers to recharge again. The rest of the two-speed mode are useless as the options allow us to use up to 130+KBPS only. In reality, you don’t even receive half of that speed. I wonder why they’ve to keep those options when we can’t open the web pages itself.

The worst nightmare with reliance is that I was told that my usage data is zero due to which I was not able to use a high-speed connection. The support team who asked me use the other two options. I opted out for High-speed 1X which allowed me to use for one day then the next day the option was disabled.

Finally, I decided to use the Hybrid mode option thereon but I see now the signal completely out. I am receiving 10KBPS speed only which I think useless for me.

Reliance Netconnect Plus Server Is Always Down

Another disadvantage of using Reliance netconnect plus connection is that the network will be always down. Though I stay in the heart of the city of Bangalore yet I see the reliance netconnect plus server is always down and most of the time no network signals.

Each time when I call back reliance customer care they always give the same reason like issues will be resolved within one or two hours but in reality it will continue for many hours or sometimes a day. The worst part with reliance Netconnect plus is that if you’re facing any problem like network down or signal issues, your issue will never be resolved in the same day.

I understand it’s not possible to keep up 100% uptime guarantee for any reliable and trusted internet service providers but when it comes to Reliance internet data card service this is not the case. The customer service is really worst as far as my experience goes. Most of the reliance support teams don’t know what the issues are and how to resolve it in the first place.

Let Me Summarize The Issues Of Reliance Internet Service Provider

If you had taken a reliance internet connection you may undergo these horrible fake claims and unwanted billings…

  • Reliance netconnect plus will keep changing data plans so that they can loot our money till our pocket becomes empty
  • No matter where you live, rural or urban areas, ( the heart of the city or outskirt of the city) you’ll not receive good speed most of the time or even half of it.
  • The reliance server is worst in this case. Always down and down and the issues will not be resolved even after many hours.
  • The network of the reliance netconnect plus speed is absolutely worst. You can’t even watch 2 minutes video or view even small websites while keeping your quota unused and also after the quota is expired. I think, a turtle can go faster than Reliance in terms of speed.
  • The 130+ KBPS claim is not real. When I checked the speed in Reliance netconnect plus App it doesn’t say so. Adding to that I also checked with other online speed checking tools which showed me that the speed is not as what reliance boast about. Cheaters!!!
  • If Reliance customer rep had created a case compliant your case will be left unhandled for many weeks
  • If you’re a postpaid customer, you could expect to receive a wrong billing, poor service and sometimes big monthly checks you’ve to pay for them even after the connection is canceled.
  • If you’re a prepaid Reliance netconnect plus data card user, the data usage will disappear for no reason. Your data speed abnormally goes at high speed when your App is connected while idle. Kind of business tactics to wipe out your available Quota so you’ll recharge again.
  • No matter how many times you call back Reliance customer care or help desk support teams, you’ll not be treated as their premium customer.
  • Another worst part with Reliance netconnect plus is that if you had recharged for 2 days validity at Rs.98 you’ll be not allowed to browse for 2 days. They say it is not based on days calculation.
  • For example. if you recharge in the evening at 10 PM it will be considered as one day once it reaches at 12 AM midnight (Same day). Please watch out for it but Reliance bastards never officially said in the website. Cheaters!!!!

Look my friends I didn’t write this post for the sake of writing bad reviews against reliance netconnect plus. I am using reliance Netconnect plus for nearly 2 years. It all went good in the beginning but I am going through a lot of hiccups from past few months. I’ll never recommend reliance netconnect plus or reliance network to anyone.

I got tired of repeated calling to customer supports which obviously in my case the problem had never been solved. I don’t want to push up my phone bill by keep calling them again and again.

At last I decided to move to a best wireless internet service provider so I can work without interruption. All my advice is for you better not to buy Reliance internet plus datacard connection or even a broadband postpaid connection.

I want to move to a best internet wireless datacard service provider so please advise me which is good at the moment. Have something to share with me on Reliance Netconnect Plus! Please leave a comment. Thank you guys….

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