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  1. Unfortunately i am one of those people who got scammed and stupidly enough didnt googling about it first before decided to pay for it 😭😭

    1. Here are the opportunities that you can consider to make extra money:- Kindly visit the following pages listed below




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  2. Hi Vishnu thank a lot about the comment. I was almost applying for that website opportunity. I am a student and currently looking for some side income throu online. Do u have any free site that can help me to earn some money? Really appreciate if u could help me as I am really new in this online job. Tq

  3. Can you post the link for your blog. So people (such as me) can find legitimate surveys to make a few bucks.. And if you have any other links to working from home that would be great!! Thank you 🙂

  4. Hi Vishnu, I just saw your comment. I am interested to do some captcha typing. Please let me know asap how I can get the opportunity.

    1. Hi Samuel,

      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad to know you’re interested to join captcha. Sure, I can help you but you can’t make lots of money but certainly you can earn some side cash. Kindly follow the below provided link. Hope that helps.

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  5. Thanks for this great review !! i only have one question for you, is there any real site where i can work online and get paid as i am busy working in day time and want to avail night time to earn a bit more?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are lots of ways to make money but i just have no clue on which domain you’ll be comfortable with. If you could specify surely I can help you.

      Would you be interested to do captcha typing? You can make some side cash but not a lot.

      Thanks a lot.

  6. Wow! I have no idea how I got an e-mail from TakeSurveysForCash. So strange, the name seems bizarre as is. And, I saw the website, come on, you get a Vacation as a Member, only 8 Spots Available, apply now before they are gone? I hate having to rush to make a firm decision on these scams. I am so glad you mentioned a great Review about what they represent here. 🙂


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