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Top High Converting Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs For Beginners

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Top Automated Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

Pay per lead affiliate programs are plenty on the web. PPL is one of the easiest methods to make quick cash just for giving a valid e-mail address for the advertisers. Every pay per lead affiliate programs comes with specific principles and conditions.

Whether or not you’re a small marketer or an ideal affiliate, these pay-per-lead programs can simply give you a huge revenue, paid month-to-month.

Top converting pay per lead affiliate programs for beginners

Although, not all pay per lead affiliate programs convert well. In this post I’m about to show you few great and high converting affiliate programs with you. These free pay per lead affiliate programs are easy to register and earn as much as you can.

Some Pay Per Lead affiliate programs will pay monthly, weekly and bio weekly straight into your PayPal or via determined payment method. You decide which one to settle on. The below list is my favorite and no means recall that I’m biased.

Freepayperlead.com  – Simplest Pay Per Lead For Dummies

  • Business type – Pay Per Lead and Cost per action – CPA
  • Company – Yoonla, Inc.
  • Site name – Freepeyperlead.com
  • Product name – Software
  • Cost per lead – up to $8
  • Entry fees or registration fees – Free to join
  • Allowed countries – Worldwide
  • Payment method – PayPal
  • High ticket program – Yes

This is my foremost and highly recommended free pay per lead program. Yoonla has been around for few months and launched by Reno. The concept basically is you’d join as an affiliate for no cost. Each lead you generate gives you $5-$8. If you could send 10 leads, that’s equals to $50 per day = $1500 per month.

Your job is to get signed up and drive traffic to the lead capture page. The capture page contains only two fields like name and email address.

When people register in the free sign up form you get paid commission depending upon the countries. But top-tier countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States fetch you $5 – $8 but for other countries, $2 is fixed which I think still higher compare to other pay per lead systems. Besides, you’ll also receive up to 60% commission for all products if your referrals purchase them. There is no obligation to buy any products in order to participate in this program.

The following countries are not eligible to participate – India, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. 

However, they can still join by subscribing to their affiliate program which will cost $35 for 12 months.

All qualifying referrals and commissions generated during June will be paid out in July.

Grammarly – High Converting Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

You might have seen Grammarly ads on the internet. It is developed by linguists and languages fanatics. This simple app helps finding mistakes in the articles so that errors can be fixed.

There are millions of customers worldwide who use Grammarly free and premium version which comes with pay per lead program or pay per download where you can sign up within a minute and place banner on your site or blog. For that, you simply receive $25 bonus.

  • Business type – Pay Per Lead and Cost per action – CPA
  • Company – Grammarly, Inc.
  • Site name – Grammarly.com
  • Product name – App/Software
  • Cost per lead – 0.20 cents
  • Entry fees or registration fees – Free to join
  • Allowed countries – Worldwide
  • Payment method – PayPal
  • Support team – press@grammarly.com
  • High ticket program – No

Moreover, Grammarly will pay for leads which mean that each time when anybody opts in free version you’ll receive 0.20 cents plus $20 per premium subscriber. One of the free and top converting affiliate programs that convert about 20%-30% which is pretty much high.

  • You’ll earn up to $20 for each premium account upgrade that you bring in
  • You’ll earn $0.20 cents for a free registrar. No credit card info needed
  • Increased payout tiers for top-performing content site affiliates
  • 90-day cookie window means anybody comes back and buy Grammarly you’ll get your commission
  • Regular performance incentives and cash bonuses for content site affiliates
  • Custom links, creatives, program terms, and co-branded landing pages available
  • Activation bonus available for new content site affiliates
  • Free one-month upgrade to a premium subscription for all new affiliates (perfect for test-driving the product for a blog post!)
  • Cross-device tracking – Extra generous 90-day cookie window
  • Regular performance incentives
  • World-class affiliate support – Perks for Top Performers
  • Cash bonuses – Increased payouts
  • Exclusive discounts – Co-branded landing pages

You can promote this offer through Shareasale affiliate marketplace. All you need to do is create an account in Shareasale. You can create an account here at Shareasale.com

Make Money By Promoting Born To Sell – Top Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

Born To Sell is another absolute best pay per lead affiliate program on the net that converts fast as good. You would be able to earn commission for leads as well as commissions for the sale that your hyperlink generate. Besides, you would be able to put up or share your affiliate link on your website, weblog, Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, Google+, LinkedIn page, etc.

Born To Sell - Top Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

You’ll receive whopping $5 per lead for those who register for a free trial sign-up. The subscribers don’t need to enter a credit card information. It has basically three fields where the visitors must input their details. Once the process was completed you’ll receive a commission for the lead.

Not only that, you will be earning $40 per premium subscriber in addition to $5 lead bonus which comes with 90 day cookie period.

  • Business type – Pay Per Lead and Cost per action – CPA
  • Company – Born To Sell
  • Site name – Borntosell.com
  • Product name –On Stocks – Call Screener and Portfolio Management Software
  • Cost per lead – $5
  • Entry fees or registration fees – Free
  • Allowed countries – Worldwide
  • Payment method – PayPal
  • Support team – support@borntosell.com
  • High ticket program – No

Threemouseclicks – Cbpassiveincome30 – Instant Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

Three Mouse Clicks is a Pay Per Lead cum Pay Per Sale program. This program founded by Kenny Tan. Before you start promoting it, you must register at Clickbank marketplace. As per the marketer’s, it said to be that his sales page/lead capturing page converting really high.

Each time you generate single opt-in leads from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland or New Zealand you’ll receive $0.75 cents. Along with that, you’ll earn commission from the founder when some sales happened. Three Mouse Clicks is one of the highly recommended programs for beginners.

I recommend you to read this post that shares more information about CB passiveincome30. Click here to read a review on CBpassiveincome30.

  • Business type – Pay Per Lead – PPL and cost per action
  • Founder – Kenny Tan
  • Site name – Threemouseclicks.com/ CBpassiveincome30.com
  • Product type – Software
  • Cost per lead – up to $0.75 cent
  • Entry fees or registration fees – option available for monthly or lifetime (CB Passive Income License Program 3.0 = $37/month or $97 one time)
  • Allowed countries – worldwide
  • Payment method – Clickbank pays you via Check
  • Support team – chris@patricchan.name
  • High ticket program – No

You can promote using his materials like banners, subscribe buttons, affiliate links, etc. You’ll get paid commission on the 20th of the each month. You can even earn by referring affiliates into this program which rewards 2-tier 10% commission for life.

Cashsuperstar.Com – Best Paying Per Lead Affiliate Program

Cash Super Star is another high paying Pay Per Lead affiliate program that pays $3 per qualified lead. You can join free in this network. To mention, you’ll be approved only after submitting your approval request/form, and then you’ll be provided verities of marketing tools like banners to promote. Every lead must come from the following countries in order to get paid.

Those countries are US, UK, Can or Australia.

You’ll basically promote free PDF downloadable gift products. It’s deliberately a generic style Make Money Online/Internet Marketing niche offer and therefore performs really well from many types/sources of traffic. From laser targeted email broadcasts to untargeted rotator clicks, or even exit clicks from your own squeeze page, they will all convert.

Best Paying Per Lead Affiliate Program

The exit offer is a free WordPress plugins package that always gets an excellent response, ensuring you get the maximum chance of a commission from your clicks, even if they don’t go for the initial free offer.

When it comes to advertising your affiliate link, there is some restriction added to it like incentivized traffic from PTC, traffic exchanges are not allowed. However, You can promote your affiliate link via email broadcasts, autoresponder follow-ups, rotators, blog posts, social media, banners, PPC, PPV, solos, any way you like (as long as it’s not SPAM.) Your earned commission will be paid to your PayPal account on the 1st of every month.

Sign up for Cashsuperstar affiliate program here – Affiliate signup

Kevin Fahey’s PPL Program – PayPal Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

Kevin Fahey is one well-known and legit online marketer who runs PPL program and it seems one of the best paying pay per lead affiliate programs. He doesn’t have a dedicated team though he pays for leads between $0.50 -$1.50.

Easy per per lead affiliate program for beginners

If you have a massive list of emails or interested to promote his lead capture page you can request an approval to run campaigns. Besides, any leads that generate a sale you’ll be paid commission as well.

  • Business type – Pay Per Lead – PPL and cost per action
  • Founder – Kevin Fahey
  • Site name – Kevinfahey.net
  • Product name – Individual marketer – PPL
  • Cost per lead – up to $1.50
  • Entry fees or registration fees – Request for an approval
  • Allowed countries – See below
  • Payment method – PayPal
  • Support team – Contact Kevin Fahey
  • High ticket program – No

If you’re interested in promoting his program, you can contact through the following link at Kevinfahey.net. You’ll be paid generous commissions for the leads and sales only if you bring leads from the following countries – United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Norway & Hong Kong.

Web Wealth System Affiliate Program – Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs 2016 – 2017

Web Wealth System is another favorite and my top recommended pay per lead affiliate program in 2016 – 2017. I highly recommend Web wealth system even for average Joe. The best things about this pay per lead – CPL program is that it pays you $1 per single opt-in, means just an email address.

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs 2016 - 2017

This program basically work at home business opportunity pays for the leads as well as 100% direct commission for all theirs front-end and back-end products. Web wealth system is the best, easy and high converting offers on the planet.

However, there is some restriction for few countries like India, Pakistan, Sri-lanka etc. If you weren’t one from the listed countries it’s time to make a huge commission monthly. I have covered Web wealth system in detail so please read Web Wealth System review before you get started.

  • Business type – Pay Per Lead and Cost per action – CPA
  • Founder – Terry Duff
  • Site name – Webwealthsystem.com
  • Product name – Digital products
  • Cost per lead – $1
  • Entry fees or registration fees – $27 one time
  • Allowed countries – See below
  • Payment method – PayPal
  • Support team – support@winningmarketingsolutions.com
  • High ticket program – Yes

Final Thoughts To Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

As far as I know, the above-listed Pay Per Lead affiliate programs is legit and few networks run by an individual marketers yet these Pay per lead affiliate programs is highly recommended for beginners. You can rest assured that you’ll get your commission for your time and the effort that you put into.

The Pay Per Lead affiliate programs pay you well as long as you keep quality traffic without faking or trying to cheat them. If I come across any weekly pay per lead affiliate programs you would see the update here.

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