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Top Legit Sites That Pays For Sharing Links – Don’t Miss It

Sites That Pays For Sharing Links

Want to get paid from Sites That Pays For Sharing Links online! You’ll get it here. Before we jump into the main discussion.

Let me remind you I’ve explained in the previous post on how to get paid for sharing links. If you haven’t visited that page yet I recommend you to read the post which will be very useful if you hadn’t exposed to “Get paid to share links program”.

You can read it here – How To Get paid to share Affiliate links?

Alright, I’ll cut down legit sites that pay for sharing links online. There are several sites that pays for sharing links on the web but here I’ll show you some of the top-notch legit sites that pay maximum cash for 1000 views or link shared.

Get paid to share links program is not a new concept for many. This link sharing strategy will yield a good result if you’ve thousands of fans or followers on social networks. Yet you can promote links anywhere online as your choices. There is no obligation like you must promote only on social networks. Got it!!

I’ll listed out recommended, reliable and popular legit websites that pay for doing simple work that is “Sharing links online” on your favorite social groups or anywhere on the web.

Alright, everyone! Let’s get down to the best and trusted sites that pay for sharing links.[sociallocker id=”6072″]

List Of Sites That Pays For Sharing links Online is a short link advertising network which pays for the bloggers for shortening links. If you’ve got a blog want to monetize your site traffic you can register with After a successful sign-up, you can grab a link to promote online.

The link will display their ads before visitors directed to the destination or your website. Each page view brings money depending on the advertisers from respective countries.

I will not be able to put all the rates in this page but for your reference I listed the publisher rate per 1000 views for some countries. More detailed rates you may find at the official websites. All rates per 1000 views or link shared.

  • USA – $10.80
  • United Kingdom – $4.42
  • Canada – $2.86
  • Australia – $5.98

Cashfly is another Url shortening advertising network that allow users to get paid wherever the links gets shared online. The best part about Cashfly is that it pays really huge cash for sharing a link. You can become a publisher in just a few seconds.

If you already promoting any affiliate link hoping to earn some side cash then Cashfly also can help you to add more cash along with that.

Simply put your affiliate link in the URL shorter box after account created and then you’re ready to make some easy cash for spreading their company. The visitors either view a short or full-page advertisement for 5 seconds before direct to the real link or web page.

The pay rate for sharing a link with Cashfly is really impressive and big money. More publisher pay-rate you may find on the official website.

  • Netherlands –$ 54.90/1000
  • France – $50.56/1000
  • South Africa -$43.64/1000
  • Bahrain – $19.82/1000
  • Norway – $18.93/1000
  • Denmark – $14.25/1000
  • United stated -$14.01/1000
  • Sweden – $12.31/1000

Linkbucks is one of my favorite sites that pays for sharing links. It’s a very old site started in the year of 2005 and very popular. Linkbucks payout is similar to sites that pay for sharing links online.

Link bucks also have a 3 tier affiliate program which gives you 10% referral commissions for life from the first level, 2 tier 5% and third 1% respectively.

The minimum payout level is just $5. The payment is instant which will be paid via your preferred payment methods (Payoneer, Payza, and PayPal). is another innovating shortener advertising network that pays for shortening your link, not a big surprise as Ad5 initiated its journey in 2009 and running successfully till today. The pay rate is very similar to other URL shortener service as mentioned above.

The cash-out limit is under one dollar which will be paid to your PayPal account on Monday of every month also has a referral program which pays whopping 10% commissions for life.

The pay rate as follows for 1000 views or links shared/clicked – More countries listed with pay rate in the official website

  • Canada – $10.02/1000
  • United States $8.44/1000
  • Australia $11.02/1000
  • United Kingdom – $8.38/1000 also comes under URL shortener service operating since 2009. The sign-up process is pretty much the same like how you create an account with other sites that pay for sharing links; however the pay rate is somewhat lesser than its competitors. Nonetheless, it’s a legit site and I recommend it.

The cash-out limit is $5 only plus their referral commission is really huge according me because it pays 20% for the direct referrals. I think you must seriously check this site out.

  • United States – $4.22/1000
  • Canada – $4.73/1000
  • Australia $4.44/1000
  • Singapore $2.44/1000
  • India – $0.60/1000 is a URL  shortener service at the same time bit different from “Sites That Pays For Sharing Links”. It’s a CPA service that pays when visitors complete the offers.

Confused!! doesn’t pay for views instead it pays for each verified leads that your shared links generated (Link locker).

For example, you can promote your shortened link online and when someone clicks the link a window will pop up to the viewers to complete the free offers. Once the offer completed it will redirect to the real page. The amount per lead range from $0.10 to $10. If you’re good at internet marketing you can make easy money whopping $200/day with ease.

You’ll also receive 5% commission from your referrals for life. The maximum cash out duration is net 30. The Currently available payment methods are “Bank transfer, Payza, and Skrill“. also a get paid to share service and also a CPA network. This site does not have an application approval procedure for promoting a link.

You can straightway register there to promote offers. Gotlinks does not pay for the view instead it pays for the lead that your shared link generated.

I mean it is very similar to Get inside the offer area to pick the links that you want to promote online. You can make some serious money if you have a Facebook fan page with some serious followers. Gotlinks is one my favorite sites that pays for sharing links on the internet.

Your payment will be made via PayPal or bank transfer with net 30 plus 5% lifetime referral commission which means if your referral makes $100, you’ll get paid $5.

Why Waiting! Start Sharing Links To Get Paid Now

I am well aware there are still many sites that pays for sharing links. However sites I listed above have a reputation, popularity and an awesome pay per lead/views. Hence I decided to put only few top legit sites that pays for sharing links online.

I am sure the list of “Get paid to share websites” is more than enough for you to make some serious income online in your spare time.

Now it’s time for you to get down to the business. Just rock and roll. Have any opinions on sites that pays for sharing links! Comment, please!!![/sociallocker]

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    1. Ariel I was wondering the same thing. I signed up for it today and have made $415. Tried to take the survey to cash out the money like it says and it takes me to an error page. Can’t move forward. Emailed them and they said in 4-7 business they would get back to me.

  1. Very good information to new, like me. I want to earn some usd. Please inform some good affiliate programs. And easy ways to get affiliates. Thank you.

    1. I Have 500 on my coinrizo page but I can’t seem to get the cash out because the survey I am needing to take before I can request my cash isn’t working says 404 error did you get paid from this site

  2. In my experience, the best solution for monetizing is counts more visits and all clicks have the same rate, not like with other shorteners, where the rate is going down with every click…
    I use on my blog and on Facebook. The most of my traffic is from Spain, Latin America and United States. Last payment I received from


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