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Top & Legit Solo Ad Vendors To Buy Clicks – Result Is Guaranteed

Reliable Solo Ads Vendors To Buy Clicks

There is an abundance of solo ads directory or buyers list for solo ads but who are the best solo ads sellers or vendors?

Do all solo ads providers get you the same result as promised!

I don’t think so…

Are you new to solo ads marketing technique!

Ok, here’s the glimpse about solo ads.

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are nothing but email marketing. Those individual who has built a list of double opt-in subscribers are your customers. The vendors manage all subscribers and send your offers to their subscribers of the list. This is it.

Ok, now you’re in search of best solo ads sellers or vendors to boost your affiliate commission, traffic and more leads up to 50%-70%.

Is that correct!

If yes, here are the top legit and highly recommended solo ads sellers that get you a sick amount of traffic, leads and more sales.

The fact is well-known to everyone, and I repeat to you again if you’re not aware of this… 

Take this…

Direct Pay Per Click advertising is becoming more and more outdated marketing model these days, why because solo ads can get you the result instantly without risking too much money. The solo ad is a unique marketing method and anybody can play with it as long as the vendor has reliability and credibility. This is most important. 

Don’t worry…you’d find more down the post.

Why traditional PPC model is not effective!

As you can see, these days Google AdSense PPC is going down because 30% of advertisers turned away from Adwords. That’s why Google AdSense COST PER CLICK is comparatively lower than the last few years.

When I was running Google AdSense I used to get even $2 per click from the advertisers but these days making even $5 per day from AdSense might require a huge traffic from a blog.

That’s the reason so many bloggers and advertisers moving toward solo ad vendors to get maximum ROI.

I’ve been spending over two weeks from now looking for best solo vendors on the internet so that I can compile all under one place. I have listed a massive directory of traffic sources on my blog. Feel free to check that out as well.

Yet I don’t guarantee any results but you can take it as your own and research each network before proceeding. Follow this link – Massive traffic directory.

But the below listed best solo ads sites are real, legit and guaranteed where your money is safe in terms of getting traffic, leads and sales.

Some are good than the other but the listed solo vendors can bring you maximum results for every dollar you spend.

Let’s get started…

Igorsoloads.Com – Guaranteed Conversion For No Cost

You probably are not familiar with this guy – Igor Kheifets. He is the founder of What’s so interesting about this network is that he guarantees 60%-80% CONVERSION for some offers.

You can test drive for free before you pay for the solo ads.

You can let his team work on your offer and make your 1st solo ad totally risk-free. At no extra charge and no catch, for a VERY limited time, you can test drive his top of the line traffic at no risk to you whatsoever.

Please find the form here to submit your link.

Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll be contacted by Dennis Ray, his trusted business partner & Chief Traffic Officer, who will ask you a few questions about your online business and your previous Solo ad experience to see if it’s a great fit to link arms together.

If he feels it is a great fit, he’ll then bring you up to speed on how to quickly & easily set up your 1st risk-free Solo ad.

All marketing materials are created personally by Igor for each and every campaign.

Yes, he didn’t reveal his minimum solo ad cost but I think you can try his free solo first before swiping your card. One of the best and high converting solo vendors in the marketing arena.

Humaneyeballs.Com – Email Solo Vendor With Squeeze Page

This solo ad that works, yes…

Humaneyeballs started by two online entrepreneurs by Bob Beckett and James Starr who have been in the traffic industry for nearly 13+ years. They can deliver any number of clicks per day. There are different types of traffic packages that you can choose from.

But the question is will they keep up the promise!

Yes, they are and you can find a lot good reviews on the internet.

If you want to avoid fake or bot traffic, Humaneyeballs is one of the places that you need to stick with.

The cost per click is somewhat higher than the others but it does deliver a real punch.

They also provide you or set up a high converting squeeze page so that their guarantee is met. They convert up to 60% opt in which is really a high end and If you had tested one of his traffic packages I am sure you’ll try more and more for sure.

Trafficforme.Com – 100% Real Clicks From English Speaking Countries. is one of my recommended marketplaces to spend some of your money. I personally not tested but I have been hearing a lot positive and good result of the marketer’s solo ads campaign. The cost is very reasonable to try as well.

  • Biz Op and make money
  • Internet and marketing
  • Health and diet
  • Personal development
  • Stocks, Forex, and binary
  • Survival and prepping

Premium Email Traffic

Consistently High opt-in rates. Great sales conversions, too. Over 80-85% of the visitors will come from the Top 5 Countries (USA, UK, CAN, AUS, & NZ).

100% Top 5 Premium Email Traffic


Incredible! Premium Email Lists PLUS 100% Top 5 Countries. (USA, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ) Highest opt-in rates & sales conversions.

They GUARANTEE their traffic is the cleanest, do a TON of work, and they even built special anti-fraud software that we use alongside other expensive services. Yes, it has anti-terminator software cleaning up traffic WELL before start sending you click.

This traffic is most suitable for affiliate programs, MLMs, and Clickbank products that have monthly recurring income.

Udimi Solo Ads  – Recommended Email Ad Swaps Directory

Udimi is not a new player amongst other solo vendors. There are plenty of sellers within in the marketplace where you can find from new seller to the experienced email swap providers.

The cost starts for solo ads in is somewhere 40 cents to $1 per click. You can split test some of the highly rated vendors and can go from there.

A campaign depends upon FROM whom you want to get traffic. I think you can test drive $30 cheap solo ads, and increase your budget as when you start getting good conversion, leads, and traffic.

Traffic Authority.Net Still Good But Offer Much Be Eye-Catching

For the past 18 years Greg, Doug, and Chad have built their reputation by operating as premium traffic suppliers to multiple well-known successful Internet marketers.

Today they are moving on, to service the traffic store at traffic authority. This move will give you access to high quality and targeted traffic, professionals have used to create real results.

I personally know some of the MOBE and Digital Altitude Aspire members promoting their link THERE. Don’t forget to check this out.

Don’t forget to check this out.

MLM Leads – Guaranteed Traffic, Signups, Leads & Follow Ups

MLM Leads!

Don’t run away!

These guys are the best for sign ups and leads. The price for each traffic package is very reasonable in my opinion. You can buy guaranteed signups, traffic, and leads for work from home based opportunity seekers.

Since 2003, has specialized in MLM leads, lead generation, network marketing leads, business opportunity leads, mobile apps and automated marketing systems for those that want to sponsor more distributors into their home business opportunity or network marketing business in less time without bugging friends and family.

This solo ad that converts really well. Even you can let this network follow up your leads via email and phone calls. You can choose whichever way you want. But their traffic comes from those are really interested in work from home online opportunities.

In that sense, you can be assured that each click, leads, and sign ups are real and not a bot.

Cash Super Star – Solo Ads Guaranteed Clicks | Most Renowned Solo Vendor Plus PPL Program

James Jordan is an experienced solo vendor who is been in the business for over 10+ years and his solo ads come with top-tier countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia. You can buy his basic package for $50 that will deliver 100 unique clicks plus 10% over delivery.

All clicks come from people in the Internet marketing/make money online/biz-op niches.

He also offers an affiliate program for all types of people who can generate leads for him from the above listed top tier location.

Each confirmed leads will fetch $3 respectively.

Though he won’t provide a private dashboard or affiliate membership panel, to get to see live stats or even Autoresponder integration in his lead capture page which is somewhat not a good idea if you want to build a list.

But when it comes to a payment you’ll be paid at the end of the month for any conversion occurred.

I have been promoting his offer now and then and the payment is always on time. You may check Cash Super Star payment proof here.

A trusted solo vendor as far as my experience is concern. You can find his official website to order your first solo campaign.

Conclusion – Solo Ads And Email Solo Vendor

Let me repeat you that cheap solo ads that sometimes work but not all the time.

A solo ad is an email promotion sent to a targeted list of subscribers.

Keep this in mind!

You’d pay for every targeted solo ads click that has been made through email click and visit your website. But in order to have a better conversion rate make sure you promote via lead capture marketing system, in this way your leads will be saved and perhaps an auto responder like Getresponse is ideal.

Please do not use any of the solo ads vendors for small paying programs like onetime affiliate programs, MLMs or Clickbank products. When you spend money for traffic ensure you are at something that offers you monthly residual income.

Don’t ever promote a product that pays you a onetime commission because you’re leaving money on the table. Choose a product or home-based system that pays monthly recurring income, in this way you can make monthly income for good. If you personally tested any “top-notch solo ads guaranteed clicks network”, please let me now. 

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

Sorry this offer currently closed and will be reopened in 2018 Jan. Meanwhile...follow this link: Create your account here

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