1. Also I think although cashsuper star gives a good commission and a beginner can start totally for free!
    but Yoonla is better for two reasons;
    first you can notice your commissions second by second.
    and then Yoonla leads your referrals to Yoonla signup to begin really earning as you promise them
    but the case in cash superstar that you refer them to another offer not to cashsuperstar itself.
    If I was wrong please let me know


  2. Generally,
    Google shorten and bitly so on analysis only clicks!
    how can I know people signups before sending me the affiliate report at the middle of the month ?
    Any possibilities there ?

    1. That’s the issue with Cashsuperstart program. Just random payment. That’s it.

      You can request a report but that doesn’t make sense. You know what I mean.

      Ii you still want to deeply look into clicks and real conversion then you can subscribe to this link https://clickmagick.com/go/earn-affiliates-easy

      Nobody can cheat you. I am very sure in this.

  3. Sorry I asking about Cashsuperstar not Yoonla??
    When I get my commission ?
    And what do you mean by ( Double) opt-in ?

    And about Yoonla
    How long your account took to be accepted ?
    May I reg. through I page although NOW they asking for Yahoo ?
    I already reserved the hosting 🙁

    Sorry for bothering.
    I really do appreciate your answer.

    1. Hi there!

      Cash superstar is legit but not great and pays only from the top-tier 4 countries. Another disadvantage is they don’t provide you any login panel to see your leads, conversion etc. You will get a notification only at the end of the month. But we never know how many leads were removed purposely. Yeah, i do have affiliate link of Cashsuperstar but I don’t promote spending money or doing by extra effort. I’ll earn $20-$40 per month. Yeah, extra income.

      Double opt-in is nothing but when someone subscribes through your funnel they have to click the confirmation link (Which will be sent). Then it is considered valid LEAD.

      For me, it took less than 8hours to get accepted in Yoonla affiliate program.

      If you registered via Ipage from the yoonla affiliate banner…no issue you will be still eligible. I am darn sure…in this.

  4. I got my referral link and when someone sign up it redirects to Yoonla!!!
    Is he partnered with Yoonla ?

    Also what do you mean by qualified lead ??
    In another way I earn my commission after reg. email and solve the captcha ? or after reg. through Yoonla ?


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