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Udimi Affiliate Program – Reviews | Scam Or Legit?

I have been promoting Udimi affiliate program as a part-time and it seems that they are one of the best networks in terms of paying to its publishers or affiliates. My payment proof is provided below and if you’re someone new to Udimi make sure you understand what it is and how you can promote your products and earn commissions as an affiliate.

What Is Udimi Solo Ads?

In this blog post, I am going to explain about what is Udimi and how to use it to make money online. If you’re new to Udimi, let me explain that it’s a network that sells solo ads through affiliate marketers who runs ads for the advertisers or for an individual.

Again, solo ads is nothing but sending an offer or products or affiliate link to their subscribers via emails. So each click will be counted when it comes to cost per click. Let’s for example, if you buy 100 clicks for $50, each click will be counted for your offer.

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Every time their subscribers click and view your offers, the amount you had deposited will get deducted. It’s like Pay Per Click advertising like Google Adwords. Here with Udimi, you send out your offer to massive subscribers who are really interested in your niche or any products for that matter.

How To Get Started With Udimi Solo Ads!

Udimi is free to start. You can register an Udimi account for free and browse around and learn who are there and which advertisers have more credibility and high ratings.

You could find all positive and negative reviews within your dashboard including, clicks, opt-in rates, sales and much more. Based on that, you can choose a solo advertiser to send traffic to your offer.

How To Find Best Solo Advertisers?

Like I said above, Udimi is free to start, means you can get to know each other before you start your campaign. You can find detail information about each solo advertiser within your account.

Now you need to find best solo advertisers to promote online…

When you click the link solo ads, the page will list out all solo advertisers to see who is running and what niche.
You can also notice their rating, buyers count, how much they charging per click and etc. Please keep in mind that you need to watch out a couple of things before dumping your money there.

Please keep in mind that you need to watch out a couple of things before dumping your money there.

They are in there to earn money and of course you as well. Therefore, make sure to spend at least couple of hours to get to know the interface, marketplace, and solo advertisers.

You may click on the each solo advertiser and carefully look around what they’re offering.

I highly recommend choosing solo advertisers that have the great rating and more than 20% of sales records. You can find all data in each profile. So make sure that you have a closer look on that.

How To Invest In Udimi To Maximize Your ROI – Leads And Sales

This is the most important part of running a successful campaign at Udimi marketplace. We are all new so take it slow.

Start with 5 best solo advertisers and distribute $25 each. And again, you need to create a swipe, means you’ll have a text editor there. Type your subject and enter your email with your affiliate link or lead capture page or sales page.

For me, I would go to a lead capture page and then redirect to the sales page. This is how you should work on because if you send visitors directly to the sales page, you might end up losing potential leads.

Yeah, you may generate few sales by sending people directly to the offer but leads are most imported for a future campaign which you can do from an auto-responder and follow up later to get more sales on a variety of programs.

How To Get Connected With Udimi Affiliate Program For Free!

Once again, Udimi affiliate program is free to start and each affiliate that joins and purchase solo ads you’d get paid 15% for good. Let’s for example, if one of your affiliates purchase solo ads worth $100, you’d earn $15 which is really huge.

Now the best part is that the income is residual. Each time they purchase solo ads even for $20 you earn 15% out of it. This affiliate program is not recommended for a newbie because targeting buyers is not that easy. If you have a blog, I think you can redirect visitors asking them to check out “Udimi marketplace”.

In this way, even if you have fewer affiliates in your account you could make some money out of it. Udimi also offers $5 discount when someone joins from affiliates.

Keynote: You will earn 15% on all solo orders from your referrals. All your referrals will get $5 discount on registration.

My Payment Proof Of Udimi

I am promoting Udimi affiliate program and I just thought in the beginning like this is something not very appealing and real.

It is because most folks are job seekers, not advertisers so it doesn’t yield good results for many affiliates but I just tried with this one. I got few affiliates that joined via my link. I gave few tips on how to work on that.

Yes, few solo ads that have been sold so far, in that I made around $40. Well, this is not a big money but for me anything that comes into my back account I always regard with utmost respect.

Udimi affiliate program - Udimi.com Payment Proof

I requested a payment from Udimi and thought it would take longer than usual but in fact, it wasn’t. I received my payment in less than 2 hours of request. I am so happy about Udimi network. There is nothing I can say about Udimi…when it comes to paying; Udimi still stands good as promised.

Udimicom, limited.
Xiropotamou, 46В Hara Korinthia, Villa 3 Paralimni, 5295, Famagusta, Cyprus
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Conclusion To Udimi.com

There are so many ways to promote your products or affiliate programs but yes, you need to choose which one that works for your traffic. Not all traffic is equal. But with Udimi you can certainly be confident that the traffic is real, quality and be able to generate nice leads and sales.

Do always test with the solo advertisers.

Split into four or five reputed solo advertisers in Udimi and see who is generating good leads and sales. In this way, you can scale up your leads count as well as sales for good.

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