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Scam Or Legitimate?

Unison Wealth Review – God! Another Scam Watch Out!

In this post, we would like to share with you some information about Unison Wealth launched last year (2014-11-26 ) which becoming bit popular on the web. The system is not based on MLM or any type of get rich quick business things as per their claims.

As you all have knowledge about Matrix system that you must have seen many on the internet. The Unison Wealth is in the same chain catering business for advertising needs. As per their claim on the official site that it’s not a High yielding investment program or Ponzi scheme. Now let’s find what we have today for you to share our opinions more about matrix income opportunity.

Unison Wealth Investment Plan Review

Just like any other Matrix income opportunity, the investment part is a must. When it comes to Unison Wealth, you might have to open up your wallet with an amount of $35 which is a one-time investment as per their website.

Also, the investment from your pocket goes as an initial investment which put you into the system by buying package or subs as per their term. Your payment and then taken forward to renew the membership period. The one-time investment cost $30 which goes to the subscriptions and each $2 plan for 15 days in advance. The rest $5 for the one-time admin fee.

Advertising Credits For Each Ad Subscription

Each Ad Subscription Costs $35 ($2 X 15 Days Plus $5 Referral Commission) And You Get Total 15000 Quality Banner Impressions In Respect Of The Same (1000 Impressions For Each Daily Sub Payment).

Unison Wealth Is Sustainable?

Well, we’ve seen thousands of sites like Unison wealth program in the last few years. The matrix system is not new to the World Wide Web. So there is nothing special about Unison wealth income system.

The sustainability part is very intimidating. Those people who joined with Unison wealth system making some income by just small investment.

However, Unisonwealth is reliable on investment and cycle. You can’t predict exactly where you’ll be standing when it comes to making a residual income. 

There is no income plan as your income potential solely depends on cycles. You’re not actually promoting products that can stand good for many years such as Wealthy affiliate.

Yes, we can’t compare to Wealthy affiliate program which is far ahead of this comparison. It’s not a good idea to invest one-time on the system hoping that can help to make money like an autopilot. You have to have a system that can sustain for long time.

There were many systems under Matrix have come and disappeared in less than 6 months. So according to us, it’s a big NO-NO as this system looks LIKE pyramid scheme and might eventually wipe out your account balance if the inflow is not taking place.

Hence, when it comes to sustainability part; we are not sure how long Unison wealth system will continue.

Unison Wealth Pros (Advantage)

  • One time investment of $35 to start
  • No experience required which is a positive attribute
  • Simple and easy to execute
  • No need to refer people to earn money online
  • Unison wealth account will not get terminated or wiped out if a balance is a nil for buying subs.
  • Unison Wealth is new so you can increase your downline in no time

Unison Wealth cons (Disadvantage)

  • is a brand new to the web
  • No legitimate products to support suitability
  • There is no physical contact address which is a negative attribute
  • PayPal Payment processor is not linked for payment which is not a good sign
  • The domain register name is different from the official website
  • Matrix system is not recommended by many internet experts and Bloggers
  • has no refund policy
  • No chat support

We found a statement online which claimed unusually about Kindly read it.

For the guests reading here is information you need to know before joining this Ponzi. You do not know where this program is located. All their information is hidden. You don’t know for sure who the admin is because that information is also hidden. Your only means of communication is a free Email address. I doubt if 3 members can even tell you who the admin really is. Source taken from Moneymakergroup.

According to the initial registration of the domain name, Who is showed the following information:

Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: SIDHANATH SING
Registrant Organization: UNISON
Registrant Street: 439, JHARKAND
Registrant City: DHANBAD
Registrant State/Province: MAHARASHTRA
Registrant Postal Code: 120078
Registrant Country: IN

Shortly thereafter all the information was changed to private. So let’s just say that Sidhanath Sing is the admin. There is no guarantee that Sidhanath Sing is his real name. So who is the person named Sidhanath Sing that initially registered the UnisonWealth Domain? Well, the person claiming to be Sing is originally from India and was a major promoter of BannersBroker in India. About the time the authorities in India filed charges against BannersBroker, he had moved to Oman. Maybe you should be asking why? Just don’t expect him to tell you if you can find him.

But Sing’s real claim to fame is that he said he was the mathematical genius behind The Golden Path. What is The Golden Path? It was another matrix Ponzi, and you can find The Golden Path Ponzi in the Closed, Inactive and Offline Program thread. A great read by the way, as you will see what is in store for UnisonWealth. You see The Golden Path was another can’t miss, sure-fire, ingenious program that was going to last for a long, long time.

In short, UnisonWealth is nothing more than thegoldenpath with a higher entry fee and a promise of much greater wealth wearing a new dress and new lipstick. The Golden Path started in April 2012 and made it to September before all the payment problems started and of course the admin ran with the money long before the members figured it out.

Of course this is paying now. It wouldn’t be a very good Ponzi if it wasn’t. Based on past performance of all the current and failed matrix programs, this has a shelf life of about 4-5 more months before it too like all the others stops paying and the admin runs with the money. In fact it could end a lot sooner.

UnisonWealth is an illegal pyramid Ponzi scheme that is not registered to do business anywhere. You have no clue where they are located, what they really are doing with the money you’re giving them, no-one knows how much longer this will last before the admin pulls the plug and runs with the money, no clue who the real admin is and your only means of communication is a free Email address. They want you to believe that this admin can magically turn $35 into $1545, which is over a 440% rate of return. Yep a real legal program going here.

Unison Wealth Is Scam Or Legitimate?

As we said in our post above, the system pulling a considerable number of people on board which may be a good signal to believe that the system is genuine.

As it may look easy to earn by investing one time, however, those who were part of Matrix system in the past experienced the fact that not made much money.

The payout is happening now to all those people who are taking part in the system currently. However, our concern to Unison wealth is not a payout but the program sustainability which one should consider while investing money.

You may buy thousands of subs investing money there and if by some force making them shut down the business, all your effort and money disappears in no time. That’s why it’s highly recommended to join with the systems that have a strong foundation to make money for life.

As per the web stats is concern, the owner of the said to be an Indian who had the site previously named “ that shut-down few months ago, also he was arrested for his Ponzi, pyramid scheme business venture.

So you need to be very careful while investing money with such type of program. So Unisonwealth is just following the shadow of some of the deceased scam businesses.

It may look at first that Unison wealth system is easy by investing one time. However, you might have to reinvest from your pocket or from your earned money for keep going.

So you’re eventually investing money over and over again. If, by chance, the system is crashed as it happened for other matrix systems then you’ll be losing all of your money, time, and effort.

We don’t claim there is no real Matrix system is so-called genuine however, matrix business is not recommended by most online money makers as a one-way source of income.

You’ve to decide whether Unison wealth is a right choice for you or just want to make some quick cash and leave all not caring the calamities.

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