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Virtualbee Is Similar To Megatypers.Com! Start Earning More By Multiple Sites

Virtualbee.com is similar to Megatyper.com in terms of legitimacy and payment? Let’s do the comparison in this post to know which one is better than the one another.

Megatypers vs Virtualbee - Which is legtit

Although only a fewer number of people who acutally aware of the fact that there is one more established site still out there just similar to Megatypers.com. According to me, Megatyper’s popularity is better than Virtualbee. But to sign up for Megatypers.com it require only aninvitation code to start making extra income.

Virtualbee Is Similar To Megatypers.Com?

I am not a member of either of these acknowledged sites but want to do a short comparison like which one is good when it comes to payout and legitimacy. If you have not already joined with either of the sites I recommend you sign up both so you can maximize your income potential.

The Popularity Of Online Captcha Work From Home

The popularity of online CAPTCHA entry coding is becoming popular of these days for starters though not all want to work with such type of jobs for a tiny payment. The reason is it requires a good typing speed as well as physical work. Adding to that, data typing operators usually need to sit in front of the system for long hours to earn that tiny amount for such tedious work.

Yet I see the demand for online captcha entry work is still growing and never seems going down. For those who want to work from home entering captcha or words then either of the online captcha sites may suitable for them.

Now let’s find out which one leads better than the other!

Virtualbee Is Similar To Megatypers.Com – Review

According to me, Virtualbee is not similar to Megatypers because Megatypers basic structure is 1000 captcha entries and also has no assessment test for joining.

However when it comes to assessment test Virtualbee is a bit complicated for a newcomer.

Fortunately, Megatypers does not impose such type of test while accepting new members. Another benefit of joining Megatypers is the members can join using referral’s invitation code alone.

Yet before allocating captcha entry work Virtualbee imposes a new signee to take a pretest. The benefit of joining Virtualbee is that it will tell you the payout for each task you’re going to complete. Each task segregated into many categories and you may choose from the list according to your choices.

Each time you complete a task the credit will be instantly credited to your account, also the payout for each task is higher than Megatypers too.

The Differences Between Virtualbee.Com And Megatypers.Com

Megatypers.com – Pros And Cons

Megatypers founded only in the year of 2012 and the site design is not that professional at the same time not uglier either. It’s a simple platform need only to enter some information using referral’s invitation code to get started.

Megatypers’s popularity remains the same all over the internet which is another plus point to it. The signup process for Megatypers is pretty much simple just as how you’ll create an email account.

When it comes to “Pay per rate” Megatypers generally pays starting from $0.45 TyperCredits for each 1000 word images typed and can go as high as up to $1.5 TyperCredits for each 1000 words typed. This is pretty much like you should be sitting in front of the computer for many hours to earn that small payment reach.

The huge popularity of Megatypers is that it gained due to its affiliates who propagated on the internet using invitation codes. Thus, Megatypers.com has become overly popular without a doubt.

The prompt payment when it comes to Megatypers.com is bit concern for many online captcha entry workers because on the internet the responses for such queries seem unpleasant to think of joining Megatypers.

The recent reviews I ran across was mixed responses as people claim that the payment is getting delayed for some reason and some claims have not received their hard-earned money too.

This is another disadvantage for joining Megatypers opportunity.

Look, we are all work for money and when that not coming timely then there is nothing left in the tank to say about. In spite of all Megatypers’s negative reviews still continue to function without any obstacles.

Virtualbee.com Pros And Cons

Virtualbee registered in the year of 2007. It’s a very aged player for captcha data entry industry.

Also, Virtualbee seems professional and has provided clear-cut answers in the FAQ page. All of important questions and answers can be found related to the company as well as its credibility.

Virtualbee has not become much popular like Megatypers due to pre-assessment test that everyone must undertake. According to me, this is something negative factor for Virtualbee.com.

The sign-up process is a bit complicated at Virtualbee because everyone must undergo for a test. While comparing Vitualbee.com to Megatypers, Virtualbee can put any number of applicants in the place of waiting list. Each test a member takes must wait for an email notification before start doing the task. This is another disadvantage to Virtualbee.com.

Nonetheless if applicants have completed his pre-test with 100% then he would get a chance to work with Virtualbee for someday for sure. (If notification not received you may contact sending a mail and see what happens)

Money and money, this is for everyone dying on the internet in the hope of fortune. Everyone is vigorously searching for a free site that pay well for their work. When it comes to pay per entry comparison Virtualbee could easily knock out Megatypers.

While we do a comparison for typing credits Virtualbee pays up to $1 per 1000 characters and not for a word. Though I do not claim Virtualbee is the only source to make money online. You can earn side cash and should never expect as an employment opportunity.

There is a huge difference between Virtualbee & Megatypers.

Megatypers pays for a word but Virtualbee pays for a character. So if you get a chance to work with Virtualbee your earning potential for typing captcha entry can go many folds without a doubt.

The payment part is still positive just as Megatypers.com. The toughest part in Virtualbee is getting approved. You may try Virutalbee.com if you’re looking for a similar type to Megatypers model.

Final Thought To Megatypers & Virtualbee.com

Finally, I pointed out pros and cons of both Megatypers.com and Virtualbee.com. Although for a good typist this is not a big issue overall. If you haven’t registered at Virtualbee I recommend it because it pays really well.

Have anything to share your views on Virtualbee and Megatypers! Kindly leave your comments. Thank you.

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