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Webmediamarketing.net Review – Scam Or Legitimate!

Can Webmediamarketing.net Drive Quality Signups!

I’ll share or offer my opinion on Webmediamarketing.net that I found online which promised guaranteed paid or free sign ups for my budget.

I stumbled upon Webmediamarketing from Google which promised guaranteed signups for one of the popular sites “Infinity downline”.

InfinityDownline is one of the high-quality network marketing organizations around. I joined Infinity downline from one of the associates via Webmediamarketing because it promised me to deliver paid signups.

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Did they deliver me guaranteed paid signups! Continue reading…

Webmediamarketing.Net – Guaranteed Signup Claims

Webmediamarketing offers an enhanced paid membership retention designed that will supply paid signups for maximum for most popular MLM programs on the internet.

It’s a unique paid signup marketing club for many programs like Empower network, Infinity Downline, and others. It Boosts your sales and paid membership retention’s rate!

It’ll deliver Paid Signups via marketing campaign in line with your business needs. You’ll grow your downline paid memberships, and sales with their unique paid sign ups advertising service.

After a member who joined one of the listed programs, must take a screen shot of the receipt or PayPal receipt and send an email to Sales@webmediamarketing.net. After that, the signups will be delivered.

  • Website Name – Webmediamarketing.net
  • Country – USA
  • Campaign Offered – Guaranteed paid signups
  • Reliability – Scam
  • IP History – 4 changes on 3 unique IP addresses over 9 years
  • Global Rank – 1,357,814 – Alexa
  • Daily Pageviews – per Visitor 2.00
  • Search Traffic – 44.40%
  • Website Created on – 2005-02-19 – Expires on 2015-02-19 – Updated on 2014-02-18
  • Registrar – GODADDY.COM, LLC
  • Contact Sales or Support – sales @ webmediamarketing.net

Webmediamarketing.net Is Reliable Or scam!

There are many paid to sign up programs listed on the website But I preferred to join Infinity downline which I thought more reliable and well-known program.

Therefore, I decided to sign up for one of the recommended programs so I can get 3 free signups for no cost and easy free $50 return in profit. I was a bit skeptical initially, however, thought Webmediamarketing.net could be a genuine website which will keep up their promise as per the claims.

After I signed up took a screenshot of my PayPal receipt and sent via mail. I thought my advertising campaign will begin shortly.

I joined approximately a month ago, still no sign ups delivered. After writing emails several times no reaction yet so far.

Fake Names And Dead Contacts – This Is Verified

Additionally, I contacted few of the paid individuals who have registered in their recommended programs listed in Webmediamarketing website. I just was eager to know whether the affiliate names and contacts are legit or dead ones.

So what next! I contacted few of the affiliates randomly through a cellphone to find out the real truth.

I never thought I was just cheated. Most people I contacted were from the USA and few of them from international locations. I called many associates because desired to know whether the indexed identities are connected to actual people or fake identities.

This is just unbelievable and never came across such a unique scam. Absolutely, everyone who spoke to me confirmed that they’re no longer part of Infinity downline – MLM program ( All affiliates who confirmed me that they’re now not associated to infinity downline anymore).

Then why the names are being served at Webmediamarketing.internet. What a big rip-off!!!

My PayPal Receipt – Paid As Per The Recommendation

Webmediamarketing scam review
Scam business from Webmediamarketing.net

Webmediamarketing.net – My Final Thought

According to me, Webmediamarketing.internet is a scam and not a worth for even a cent. All of the claims listed on the official site are fake and basically designed to scam people in the name of guaranteed signups.

In my opinion, the affiliate names listed on the site are fake and dead. To keep my Infinity downline’s membership active I had to pay again for the same person who is no longer active. My Infinity downline membership was activated by the admin of the network not by my sponsor.

I initially contacted my sponsor who should have been activated in the first place, although he never responded then finally contracted the admin of the Infinitydownline.

Am I going to receive guaranteed paid referrals? In no way, so why should I preserve my membership to pay a person who is not part of the Infinity downline?

So I decided to cancel my membership so I can prevent from getting charged in future. In case you are so confident that Webmediamarketing.net will offer paid signups as mentioned on the site. I’m sure you will lose your money without fail.

Don’t sign on with any MLM programs through Webmediamarketing due to the fact they will no longer deliver free paid signups. Additionally, they have a cost based paid signup programs that’re no longer real and a way to follow to cheat people. Please do not believe Webmediamarketing.net. It’s 200% scam site. Good luck.

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  1. I purchased some 10 paid signups from these clowns and they DID NOT deliver.
    This is why they removed their “paypal” payment option because they were getting a lot of chargebacks.


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