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Whole World Is Similar To Zarfund Gifting? Which One Is Much Easier To Make Money? Review

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Is Whole World Biz Ultimate Fundraising System! Review

WholeWorld.Biz is exploding everywhere. This is my first encounter with Whole world which literally took my surprise when I looked at their site. People from all over the world being getting paid in the form of donation each other.

The whole World was introduced to me by one of the contributors from my blog so I thought let’s dig into it and see what it is…

The first word I noticed was a ‘donation’ so I though could be the one that probably matches with Zarfund.

Are these two companies similar or different from each other?

This post will eliminate helping any unwanted doubts if you had any…

Let me introduce Whole World as to what you need to learn first before joining.


About Whole World Biz?

What you basically do with How do you start contributing funds at the same time earn money?

Historical Review

Fundraising is an activity connected with raising funds and other resources for implementation of non-profit project and programs aimed at socially useful purposes.

The Fundraising started to develop in the U.S. in the 1980s during the Ronald Reagan administration when the non-profit sector experienced a financial crisis due to reduction of budgetary financing for social programs. Since that time, the movement has become widespread and took shape as an independent discipline.

In Russia, the Fundraising began to actively develop from the 1990s simultaneously with the development of non-profit organizations whose activities were not aimed at making a profit, but aimed at the solution of socially important tasks that caused demand for attraction of funding sources for their activities.

Currently, the Fundraising is an integral part of the activities like social management, marketing, PR, and advertising, etc.

How To Register With Whole World Income Opportunity?

There are easy 3 steps to register your account.

The first step is to register your Whole World account and then deposit $5 to activate a primary account. This money used to activate your account only.

The next step is to invest $100 using available payment gateways. There are plenty of payment options to choose from. Once the Whole World Biz account is set up you’re ready to donate your money to the member as well as to charity.

Now you’re all the way to earn a one-time commission of $5 from each member upto 7 levels deep.

Here’re the payment methods you can use in –

Payza.Com, Unistream.Com, Okpay.Com, Perfectmoney.Com, Alipay.Com, Neteller.Com, Payee, Litecoin, Mastercard, Visacard, Easypay, Intel Express, Intellect Money, Caspian Money Transfer, Telemoney, Cashu, Walletone, Webmoney,Ukash, Westernunion, Payoneer, RBK Money, Paxum, Solid Trust Pay, Liqpay.Com, Payweb, Paysafecard, Redpass, Egopay And More

Whole World Biz – Compensation Plan

Ways To Make Money With Whole World?

Online work at home opportunities comes everywhere pretty much closer to ‘recruiting business’. I used to say always, be it affiliate programs or MLMs; new prospects must be invited consistently in order to earn money. PERIOD

What if someone told you – Whole World is an MLM or Ponzi schemes? Well, these sort of allegations is not new to me so you do. Honestly, we are all here to make money…yeah pessimistic PEOPLE everywhere but that’s OK just ignore them.

The whole World offers you variety of promotional tools that you can use to invite people. Promote your affiliate page online including Facebook, twitter, and other targeted places.

It requires only 1-4 business minded people so you’ll be able to kick start your commission miner. As you see in the Whole world’s video presentation the registration is a simple process with the uncomplicated compensation plan.

The power to make money in Whole World Biz is truly amazing.

Pros & Cons Of The Whole World biz

Whole World Pros

To be very honest Whole World is a onetime investment opportunity so everybody can afford to start.

Just a few qualified members require in order to make money from Whole World; people mostly join because it’s a one-time fee.

Work From Home $100-$200 Per Day!!!

  • This position involves generating EMAIL addresses (PPL).
  • Very easy to perform (Website will be provided to generate LEADS)
  • Willingness to work independently
  • Requirement: No previous experience, No selling required


  • Basic computer skills (Internet browsing and posting ads)
  • Very flexible work hours, use your own time as an affiliate
  • Must be able to follow directions from member area.

For more info: Create your account here

The revenue starts from the 1 level and goes all the way up to 7 levels. So making money without effort is truly possible.

Whole World is suitable for a person has an ‘intermediate marketing skill’.

People easily give away $5 to other Whole World members as the income potential is really huge.

Whole World Biz also offers a ‘paid signup program’, means ‘Business machine’ that handle everything for a starter who does not have marketing skills. A new member can activate this simply participating in there plus they can get $10 worth free credits.

Multiple payment options available to pay the membership cost.

Whole World Cons

Many people might tend to consider Whole World Biz is not a real way of making money online.

Without a doubt, Whole World is a cash gifting program so most marketers won’t show up.

The income potential solely depending on recruiting so recruiting skills is must in order to earn money.

Whole World Is Better Than Zarfund?

I’d like to provide you some basic information about Zarfund. You’ll find a detailed review of Zarfund and its account setup just in case you’ll want to start this.

Now coming back to the story…

There’re so many gifting schemes or member to member donation based websites operating. In that group, I thought Zarfund is really sustainable, instant payment, bitcoin option, spillover, risk-free investment and monthly residual income.

While I compare Whole world with Zarfund, I think Zarfund is a more of a way to say, best and sustainable opportunity. In Whole world Biz, we get paid only 5% from our investment, which is $5 only. So we’ll have to give away the rest to someone. But with Zarfund you can keep the whole amount with a monthly residual income.

To start Zarfund there is a small investment of $17, which require only 2 people to earn and also you earn from other members who falls in your team. Zarfund is a collective team effort that pays instantly between members. The team helps you to procure members in short time. There are many levels in Zarfund so you move forward from one level to another level from your profit not out of pocket.

The team helps you to procure members in short time. There are many levels in Zarfund so you move forward from one level to another level from your profit not out of pocket.

Whole World also will help you to earn from other members who are in the payline but it will be a one-time commission from each member. You earn when someone who brings on behalf you. There is no monthly residual income in, means your income do not grow exponentially.

When it comes to online programs; you should always work on programs that are offering monthly and instant commissions. So Zarfund is more flexible in this contest. Not only you can refer people quickly but also the account set up of the Zarfund is unchallenging.

Besides you can invite people fast once your account is setup, and also will be able to fill the referral’s tree with the help of your team easily.

Conclusion To Whole World Donation

In my conclusion I would say, Whole World certainly is not a scam and purely a fundraising website but too much require for students or RETIRED persons in order to participate in the Whole World Biz program. Unarguably, both Whole World and Zarfund are falling under ‘work from home gifting scheme’.

Having said that Whole World has an upper hand to Zarfund why because it has something to show to the world that they’re doing something for a cause, which can be convincing concept for many.

The donation part seems to me not really convincing. We do not know where the donation goes and how they donate to children charity club. Nobody knows because there is no clear-cut information provided or any proof found on the official site so this is something looks like a shady type or lack of transparency there.

Giving away the half of our investment – $50 seems to me too much but I am OK with it if they’d provide me the proof of their charity donation – official announcement.

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But Zarfund is purely a gifting scheme but earning potential is really huge. You’ve to decide which way to go. Both are good, can go a long way but timely payouts, credibility, sustainability and reviews must be taken into an account before venturing into any internet related work from home websites.

If you want to start thing off your first venturing opportunity having less money in your wallet I think you may join Zarfund so you can work on it and then gradually move your level to the high paying programs.

Whole World Biz is not a scam but a slow money making process and needs a lot of members in your pay line.

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