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Why Most Indians Fall For Online Data Entry Scam!

Some Thoughts About Online Data Entry Scam 

Today I write a post on why most Indians falling for online data entry scam. Though my intention is not to play with anyone sentiments.

I am from the same community yet thought to share some insights on why many Indians falling for online data entry scam in recent times.

I don’t want to start this discussion like Indians are not talented or lack of experimental skills or anything like that.

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Everybody wants to make money from home, not just Indians alone. Even people from all over the world trying many possible ways to get one legitimate free or real online data entry part-time job to make both ends meet.

However, India has a high ratio victim of online data entry scam while comparing to other countries. I worked in BPO industry (Apple process) for about 3+ years.

My friends sometimes used to have a long discussion like online data entry job is one of the trusted ways to make money from home.

In reality, those who have not exposed to online data entry work at home jobs perceives offline jobs are no longer residual than the jobs that are vastly available online. Why!

Online Data Entry Scam– Misconceptions

It’s a complete misconception to think online data entry jobs are easy for supplementing an income without doing any work, efforts and experience. Most Indians are gullible to online data entry jobs too.

The reason why most Indians fall for an online data entry scam is because the lack of experience and research. I warned many people in my daily life that online data entry job is not an easy way to make money. Though online jobs are not troublesome scheme for many serious workers in India.

I believe those who have been a victim of online data entry scam, not discerning the core issue of the work.

I have seen many people in my daily life who were desperately willing to spend their life for online data entry jobs for mere $2 per day. All they want some type of jobs where they can perform from home without moving outside.

Most inexperienced people who want a job where they can perform a simple data entry work to earn up to Rs. 30,000.

On the contrary, newbies always search for a simple online data entry job where it requires only entering alphabetic and numeric numbers in the software. Understand my dear friend, there are no élite private companies online willing to give a project worth $2,000 for starters.

Do a calculation yourself. When you attend an interview in a BPO company that ready to pay Rs.8000/month, the interviewer would ask so many questions before considering to appoint you like Work experience, Educational qualification, Relieving letter, Salary expectation, the reason for quitting former company, Communication skills and what .

The same criterion applies for online data entry projects as well. There are so many legit dataentry websites out there where you need to furnish all of your qualification.

Conversely, if any website claim “Make $100 per day” for typing simple forms then it could be another online data entry scam. If you’re a beginner stay away from such notion. You’ll not be able to work with reputed dataentry outsourcing company unless you know what you’re up to.

Online Data Entry Scam– Big Payment

The other few reasons why most people want to change their domain because minimum payment for the day job and non-stop workloads with rotational shifts in the small industries, Garment factories, IT jobs, BPO sectors, and call Centre organizations.

Most people getting paid just about Rs.7,500-15,000 per month in the industry stretching sometimes 6 days a week (Package as per the industry standard).

People usually show a tendency towards online data entry jobs such as typing and filing the data because newcomers have been misguided by the advertisements for online data entry jobs ever since the web started become popular.

When it comes to online jobs there is no difference to work and earnings. Anyone can make a significant amount of money online yet it depends on what type of job a person actually connected to.

The other problem for Indians is the advertisements luring them to opt out for an online data entry work at home jobs. You see the ads usually depicts like make $200 per day by doing online data entry jobs. When people see ads assumes data entry jobs are easy to perform and easy method to make an income for life.

However, people may not know they are registering with some scam data entry websites that will take some fee and asks them to do fake jobs without paying. If you are a newcomer to internet hub stay away from online data entry scam sites.

Don’t Be A Victim To Online Data Entry Job Scam

There are so many people in India very ignorant and inexperienced when it comes to online data entry jobs. For instance, I surprised to see at one of the forums yesterday that one member who has paid Rs.750 to a fake website for online data entry job. After waited for a few days, the login credentials were not given to him.

Instead of contacting job provider he wrote a mail to forum admin regarding the credentials and data entry jobs.

What you are gonna say about that!

As long as you’re not waking up, online data entry scam sites will continue to exist forever. My intention to write this post about online data entry job is to guide you to the right path to avoid any type of online data entry scams.

You might be able to grab one online but before that do research thoroughly to avoid any calamities. Do not lend a hand to any online data entry scam sites without proper research.

Online data entry scam sites are everywhere however the reason most Indians falling for online data entry scam is because the advertisements and get rich quick schemes. Are you one of them in the list! Please don’t be.

Keep in mind you can’t make $5000/month for just filling the data online. Please be aware of online data entry scam. All the best.

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  1. There is a website which is a fraud one and I paid 4500/-, how to take action against them. If there is any police or legal activities work out then pls let me know. I lost, but I try to stop the future innocents.

  2. very informative post mates ! yup most of the people dont aware and they simple join the scam sites i always suggest do some google resarch on those sites before join and geninue companies never ask your bank details and they pay through paypal thanks for the post.


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