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Why Most Wealthy Affiliate Members Are Biased In Reviews?

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Wealthy Affiliate Members – Do You Buy Theirs Biased Reviews!

Do you know there are some bad wealthy affiliate members out there! I mean, some bloggers! I want to be very straight and honest here. Probably you might have seen it or did read reviews when you go through few blogger’s blog post.

I see that this is not a very common and you see most wealthy affiliate members or you can call them as a sole promoter of Wealthy affiliate PRODUCT who bashes others products or programs that hold good.

It can be a good way to earn money, good product to buy if not highly recommended. I am a small blogger and wonder why there are so many filthy affiliates who always write negative reviews on affiliate programs, MLMs, Rev shares and on different products with an ulterior motive!

Wealthy affiliate members writes paid reviews

Don’t bash me because I am a wealthy affiliate member so anything that I spit out here is legitimate and unbiased.

When you check across any products from a Clickbank, Commission junction or it can be from a JVzoo marketplace, you find bad reviews on those products. Come on… I know there are so many good products and good work at home jobs out there. Yet I wonder why there is a need for writing a product or program in a bad way to prevent people joining or buying it.

Seriously! I didn’t get it. 🙂

A common folk who usually go over the internet hoping to find a legit and unbiased review so that he can get to know it before buying it.

No matter how much cost that a product is…he doesn’t care anyway so “Blocking tricks” shouldn’t be used and it’s none of our business.

You’ll Come Across Few Bad Boys!!!

But of late I see few top ranked bloggers who have made a habit of writing reviews only for the purpose of ranking their affiliate pages and promoting their own products or programs that they’re involved in.

There are so many websites out there…the one blog that reminds me always is “Ethanvanderbuilt.com” –  in the search results, the title tag shows in almost on all popular programs and products. Didn’t you see it!

He writes negatively and with a caption like “Yes in my opinion”.

How bad he is! He won’t make money at the same time don’t let others make money.

But let me tell you this, he’s not the only blogger who writes as such but so many Wealthy affiliate members out there who write posts negatively. There is nothing wrong doing it but they don’t usually recommend good products to buy or work at home opportunities to join. This is where I doubt that they’re very biased.

I understand that not all programs are legit but there are so many genuine products that you can buy or can join to earn money online.

Let me tell you this…how those unbiased reviews generally start?

Positive Notes And Then Biased – Wealthy Affiliate Members

When you read their reviews they start with a positive note so you’ll stick to their post to read till the end. After vomiting some nonsense and BS they give some lame excuses saying that the product you’re going to buy or a company you’d be joining may not be a good idea. For that, some negative thoughts will be placed on their own before you even close the window.

How ridiculous is that!

When you read between the lines you see the clear transition gradually start to unfold.

There are billions of great MLMs, Survey sites, affiliate program opportunities out there…but these folks write negatively so you’ll be routed to their favorite programs to join.

Don’t get me wrong! You may go through their review posts which obviously tell you that theirs main objective is to promote their programs. They bash MLMs, affiliate programs, survey jobs, and what not.

These blogger’s main objective is to write biased reviews so you’ll find some alternatives.

What happen next!

You’ll be left stranded in the middle of the forest thinking where to go and finally choose to opt-in for their program or products.

How selfish these bloggers are!

Undoubtedly, the Wealthy affiliate is a legit and highly recommended program, if not the best out there which helps a common folk to learn how to start a business online. Wealthy affiliate founders do not encourage promoters/subscribers to write products negatively.

Both Carson and Kyle are professional marketers who do not encourage people to do that. Nonetheless, some bloggers I see aimed at selling Wealthy affiliate membership only and nothing else.

Sorry, I don’t like the way how they write reviews and surely not the right way to teach people how to make money online.

Tell Me What You Think On Wealthy Affiliate Members Who Writes Biased Reviews! (Not All Members)

As we all know, we have so many ways online to start making money. Wealthy affiliate is one type of program in the hut yet must not say that there aren’t any legit programs to make money from home.

Get paid to writing negative review - Wealthy affiliate members

All people aren’t the same so anybody who wishes to join or buy something, it’s their freedom of choice to go that way or whichever way they want to direct.

Every blogger’s job is to share their views on products but shouldn’t be aimed for commissions or preventing people to choose what they want to do.

I too have published posts that are both positive and negative reviews yet if I find something worth considering then I would recommend it.

So as an affiliate promoter, he/she must provide a valuable information so that starters can get help to go forward.

I do not know how you arrived at this post! But you’re reading right now.

Tell me what do you feel when someone who bashes programs that are still worth considering and legit?

I always welcome constructive criticism. Therefore, share your opinions with me about few Wealthy affiliate members!

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