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Scam Or Legitimate?

Work From Home Wizards Is Scam! Don’t Waste Your Money

Work From Home Wizards Is Lives up to Their Promise!

Work From Home Wizards is legit or another scam in the basket! Don’t worry, I’ll expose some basic things with you which ensure that you won’t get burned with your hard earned money. Data entry or get paid to post jobs aren’t new to the people who have had exposed in their life.

Perhaps you’re another person looking for work at home jobs to make money for doing simple jobs like “Entering data entry jobs, copy pasting work or other micro jobs”.

If you were searching similar jobs, I am sure you would have landed on “Work From Home Wizards” thinking you’ll make a lot of money. Understand the fact that there were thousands of people who have been ripped off by online data entry or copy pasting jobs.

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It’s because new comers usually hand over good money expecting to enter data or simple nontechnical jobs, but they always end up empty-handed.

Work From Home Wizards is another big fraud site which promises a lot before you even begin to work for them. There are a lot of similar sites that come and go, yet sites like “Work From Home Wizards” comes in different forms to cheat you.

All the work at home offers you see on the official website is the complete scam. I forewarn you that if you pay your administration fees thinking you’ll get paid handsomely, I am sure you’ll lose your money without fail.

Look, guys, most work at home membership based site functions in the same way as Work From Home Wizards which ask some money upfront before you even start your work.

You’ll be doing for a month promoting and selling their products or website, but finally you’ll be left stranded without compensating your time.

You can’t go anywhere to take back your money. Can you? After all, online complaints board is the only solution for you to express your views yet getting back your money is not possible in most cases.

Here I want to present you some useful information for your benefit. The Work From Home Wizards has a lot of interlinked sites which I think the admin of the site is the same for all websites. I checked the address of this site online which seems that all of his sites have the same address. So undoubtedly, all sites are from the same family.

The below-listed sites are from the same race. Watch out for Work From Home Wizards!

• Internetpros.biz
• Typingathome.net
• Workfromhometypingjobs.biz
• Workfromhomewizards.com
• Make-n-dollars.com
• Shortcutstocash.com

I founded a rare complaint online posted against me. It was indeed from the same person from “Work From Home Wizards”. It’s because I negatively reviewed one of his sites on my blog that gets some visitors to my blog.

So what “Work From Home Wizards” admin has done is that he posted fake consumer complaint against me saying, “Internatinoalfreeoffers (Me) cheated him”.

Work From Home Wizards scam or legit

Updated on 26/2/2016 – I found this scam artist changed his username on his account after knowing that I exposed his tricks….

If you look at the email ID on the image that will confirm his claim is false. Who’s taking the money and cheating people in the name of online jobs! Are we!

They’re the crooks running a bunch of fake work at home sites. Just ask yourself! Why they’ve to pay me Rs. 13,000 for a job!

(Work From Home Wizards is a spammer). Let the complaint be there and let them do whatever they want, I am not going to remove my post, in this there is no doubt.

Look, my friend, we aren’t a membership based site and we don’t take any money from anyone. All the posts we published in this blog will confirm that.

Besides, this fraud Work From Home Wizards admin has posted several fake (Asking like Work From Home Wizard is a scam or not!) posts at classified websites and forums so the visitors will visit his websites.

Look at the screenshot. You’ll get to know who is taking money for fake work from home jobs. Are we!

Work From Home Wizards Is Complete Scam

Dear friend, you aren’t going to get paid for promoting Work From Home Wizards. So instead of promoting some fake websites, you can sign up as a “Clickbank affiliate” and promote online. In this way, you’ll get paid without investing money up front.

A little common sense can go a long way toward avoiding data entry scams. Finally, Work From Home Wizards has many fraud sites having the same concept of work at home jobs. Whatever it may be, avoid getting scammed by such websites.

There is no doubt that Work From Home Wizards is a scam site and don’t pay your money. Want to share your thoughts! You can leave a comment. Thanks.

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