Yoonla Foundation Affiliate Program – Payment Proof $224

Yoonla free CPA affiliate program is creating a lot of buzzes all across the internet because the program built in such a way that even dummies can earn easy $50 per day from home without ever need of changing their regular job.

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Yoonla Payment Proof and Testimonial

If you’re someone searching for the authenticity of Yoonla CPA affiliate program, payment proof and testimonials then this could be the place for you.

I started in the month of April 4th week approximately and I decided to give it a try. I’ve been promoting various home based programs but Yoonla seems the best amongst all, why because you can get started for free, it provides high converting lead capture pages, instant lead notification of all visitors who opted in and much more.

Before I get on to the payment proof section…please read the below section carefuly.

Please Read My Yoonla Foundation Review Before You Start

Don’t be hurry. If you want to know more about Yoonla foundation, I recommend you to read my Yoonla PPL program review here.

So that you can get a clear picture of what Yoonla is, how it work, pay per lead eligibility, payment terms, traffic method and much more.

Now you probably want to know the legitimacy of the Yoonla foundation. Look Reno has been in the internet business for so many years and we are sure he will never want to damage his reputation by not issuing a payment to his affiliates.

Reno is running a good and profitable business which I think reliable and sustainable in my opinion and therefore paying affiliate commissions is not a big deal for him.

Coming back to the main subject…

Yes, I received a payment today on 28th, that’s what he has had said on his Facebook page.

If you’re promoting Yoonla and waiting for a payment don’t get upset because your money is safe and will be paid on time.

Here Is My Payment Proof Of Yoonla Foundation Affiliate Program

Yoonla Foundation Affiliate Program – Payment Proof

Important update on the Yoonla™ CPA affiliate program

How we process referrals & commissions for you!

==> CPA Lead Referrals/Commissions:

– On the 15th of the month we will process verification of “pending” lead referrals from the previous month.

– Then all “approved” lead referrals from the previous month will be paid out on the 22nd of the month (One week earlier)

All pending referrals from May will be verified on the 15th of June and approved referrals from May paid out on the 22nd of June.

If the 22nd falls on a Saturday or Sunday, payment will be processed on the following business day.

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==> VIP Bonus Referrals/Commissions:

– From 1st of June onward, all VIP bonus referrals/commissions will be extended for one extra month.

Especially since these are up to $50 commissions per VIP referral, we require the additional 30 days to check for refunds, cancellations and fraud.

All VIP bonus commissions/referrals generated in June will be verified on the 15th of August and paid out on the 22nd of August.

==> Faster Payout Options:

– If you are a top performing affiliate ($1000+ per month in approved commissions) and have been paid at least once before, we will consider to provide a faster payout to you.

Contact us via the Affiliate Department to request a faster payout if the above terms are met: support.yoonla.com

==> Bi-weekly Payouts:

– Bi-weekly payouts is still in a pending situation unfortunately at this stage due to a number of reasons with payment processors

==> New Payout Methods:

– New payout methods will become available in July 2017.

We will run a survey with you all as most requested 2nd alternative to PayPal.

We may consider a 3rd or 4th option after that.

We’re seeing a massive increase in members generating some very lucrative commissions. Especially with the double VIP bonus commissions – AWESOME!

Make it a great week everyone! 🙂

Reno & the team at Yoonla™

PS: The update to the GetResponse API integration with the Yoonla™ CPA program, still weeding out a few bugs. Will have an update on this hopefully tomorrow.


Reno Van Boven

My Final Take On Yoonla Payment Proof

I do not understand why talented people even today searching for a useless program like Captcha and PTC sites because it doesn’t help them anyway. Start thinking big to achieve your dream.

Yoonla PPL program can help achieve that. Why because you’ll be able to accumulate leads in the back-end and as when the time come you can start to promote multiple programs on the go.

How long are you going to just waste your time just clicking ads for a cent? Would you be not interested in becoming an affiliate marketer in future!

Keep building an email list and have them on hand as many as you want.  Even if you could to the least number like, let’s say 3000+ leads in your database you can make nice money without thinking of your regular job.

By joining Yoonla, you are not only able to generate easy $50+ per day but also will be able to accumulate leads.

Just imagine in this way…

For a starter… generating 10 leads per day is not a big deal, isn’t it!

So for them, it is an easy achievement of earning $50+. This might not seem big but if you calculate on a monthly-wise you earn $1500 per month which is really really huge.

Like I said on my Pop-up advertising that if you could not generate just 5 free leads per day…sorry you shouldn’t be even thinking of making money online or starting a small business either.

Yoonla is not asking you to do like bring people and get sales or anything like that. It’s a simple process where you drive visitors to Yoonla lead capture page and you’re done.

How about generating 20-50 leads per day or even more! Man…that’s sick amount of money.

In my Yoonla payment proof conclusion, this free PPL is suitable for all classes of people and if you’re reading this one, you shouldn’t be just thinking and wasting your time anymore.

If you need any clarification on Yoonla please leave a comment in the comment section. Don’t send me an email because it might go into a spam or junk folder. So leave a comment below. 

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  1. Can an indian join and earn money?

    • Yes, anyone can join but you might need to upgrade in order to get started. You might need to invest around $50+ to get started but just imagine Yoonla pays for leads as well as first tier and second tier commission. So I think this is not a huge investment anyway.

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