Yoonla™ Affiliate Program – Review – $5 Per FREE Lead

Time has come to review Yoonla pay per lead affiliate program. I have been promoting pay per lead programs for some time and I thought Yoonla doesn’t work because it pays a huge cash for just leads but let me give you a candid opinion about Yoonla affiliate program on this post.

I’ll cover some information like…

Who is behind Yoonla affiliate program

How to get started with Yoonla pay per lead affiliate program? 

How to activate Yoonla affiliate program? 

What is the purchase requirement in Yoonla pay per lead system and Finally, I’ll tell you whether yoonla is a legit or scam why because it generating a lot of hype lately?

What is Yoonla Foundation affiliate program?

Yoonla foundation started by Reno who is been in the internet marketing for several years and started his foundation based in New Zealand. Yoonla is basically a CPA affiliate program where you’ll join and given a full access to promote his products and services.

There are few digital products in the system that members would buy in order to build their system from the ground level. Yoonla affiliate program is built in such a way that even a new comers can easily earn up to $25 per day without investing any money into it.

So CPA is about sending traffic to the offer and when someone enters his information like name and email, the promoter or affiliates will get paid remuneration. It is that quite simple.

How to make money with Yoonla pay per lead program?

The money part is not quite clear for those who have already subscribed to the system. Look, Yoonla is just about generating leads and sales on the back end. Though affiliate no need to promote hoping to make a sale.

The foundation is just that you send people to the lead capture page and when someone enters his info, you get paid according to their geographical location. The back end products are digital products and I am sure there will be a demand as always.

How to activate Yoonla foundation to earn $5 or more per lead!

Once you entered your information on the lead capture page, Yoonla foundation will take you to the custom set up a page where you need to create a lead capture page and automation so that your campaign can run smoothly.

Yoonla affiliate program is actually free but it is not for someone who just wants to promote his system by sending fake traffic or unethical manner. Every pay per lead program on the internet comes with some rules and restriction, in the same way only qualified people will be selected to promote Yoonla foundation.

Are you a serious folk!

Get connected via affiliate membership page and tell them what you have!

If you are someone who has a website with good quality, you will be selected to promote his product with no cost.

This is my assumption…

but I think the majority of people will upgrade paying or buying one of his products.

Hay! This is how the founder makes money…

Once you have Yoonla affiliate account set up, you’ll be giving a unique id and just copy and paste in the lead capture page so you can promote online.

This is just a one-time investment of $35.88 per year. Once you created a free account, the presentation page will tell how to activate lead capture page. You need to purchase a domain and auto responder. Yoonla affiliated with iPage hosting and Getresponse Autoresponder.

I purchased iPage hosting for $35.88 for 12 months and Get response for $15. So my total investment was around $50.

I didn’t mind it because only fewer leads I can easily surpass it.

Assume in this way.

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20 leads equal to $100 per day…so for me..$50 didn’t actually bother me. So in order protect from the spammers and cheaters…I think this is the way to go. You need to purchase products of these two so you can get activated within 24 hours.

However, there are no rules that say, you had to buy. But for those who have a little taste in the online marketing, require buying because to avoid spam and unwanted or unapproved traffic method.

Can you really join without paying any fees in Yoonla Foundation!

Yes, of course, you can join Yoonla affiliate program without investment but you need to submit an application telling what you have in place to drive traffic.

Quick update: Reno has moved to Yahoo hosting, therefore you’d spend $20 for hosting and $15 for auto responder. So the investment require for Yoonla only $35 which is very cheap and affortable for everyone.
There may be other product like LeadPage marketing system, however, you do not need to purchase that in order to get connected Yoonla Pay Per Lead program. 

Two Types Of Yoonla Affiliate Program

Yoonla™ CPA Program and Yoonla™ CPA VIP affiliate program

* Earn up to $2 commission per CPA lead referral

VIP Affiliates Earn up to $5 or more per CPA lead referral! Claim your Custom Setup inside your Yoonla™ members panel to qualify for the free VIP affiliate upgrade – Click Here!

Note: For the CPA leads the campaign, any leads/referrals generated from the following countries attract the higher commission rate:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Non-commissionable countries for CPA lead referrals: Last updated: 16 February 2017

  • India
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe


Register Yoonla Foundation Here – Free Registration

Yoonla Affiliate Program is legit or scam!

I am testing Yoonla right now but Yoonla looks very reliable and rewarding. I have been with Yoonla for few days and I need to really wait and see how it GOES in the backend.

All information like click stats, lead counts, and earnings get recorded in real time and you can check your account status every day.

Each lead pays up to $5 and then 60% commission will be paid when members purchase a product.

If you’re looking for a high paying and easy to start pay per lead program, try Yoonla affiliate program and see what happens.

I have not received a payment from Yoonla yet but I’ll soon update here once I received the payment.

So far so good….I am generating nice traffic, leads and commission…but I can tell feedback only after I received the payment. 

I’ll soon update my payment proof…but meantime try Yoonla affiliate program which comes with no setup cost.

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11 Comments on "Yoonla™ Affiliate Program – Review – $5 Per FREE Lead"

  1. kishoreganji | May 30, 2017 at 2:48 pm | Reply

    HI ,
    I am from India and I have capability to generate leads from USA, CANADA, UK. So can I join and do it or I must become VIP Yoonla affiliater Marketer?

    • Hi dear Kishore….I am from India… and you know it…I subscribed to VIP affiliate and I am making about $1000+. Yes… you need to activate Yahoo hosting which will cost you $20 and Getresponse for about $15 so you pay about $35. Are you ready to sacrifice that tiny amount!

      Join under me dear….www.freepayperlead.com….Quick note that if you join..it will not be counted in terms of commission but I’ll have some record.. you know.

      Any feedback..let me know

  2. Is this internationally?

    • Yes, this program available for international members but the listed countries are still eligible to participate if they upgrade to VIP affiliate program.

      Please join here: http://www.freepayperlead.com

      I’ll tell you a place how to get traffic to your lead capture page and to earn easy $50-$100 per day using Yoonla foundation.


  3. Their support sucks though. It takes 4-7 days before anyone would response to your support ticket. If you can live with that then go for it.

    • Sorry to say this…if you are starting your own affiliate business you need to be very patience. Even if you become a publisher you might need to wait..if you can’t live with just 4-5 working days…I think…Yoonla is not for YOU. This is not a get rich quick scheme so better find something else. This is for serious people only.

      Come on….can’t you wait just 4 days to activate your Yoonla account! I got activated within 24 hours. I feel sorry for you.

      I am waiting for my payment. Yoonla converts well but when it comes to legitimacy…I can only guarantee you after I received a payment. Stay tight.

  4. Still do not get it clear. on the advert RENO was only talking about the Domain for $2. Is it possible to buy a domain for $2 without hosting for $35 on this program?

    • I don’t know where did you get that! Let me clarify something about Yoonla.

      Just like any other webhosting providers..iPage also offers the same – under $2 however, there is no option to pay monthly. The options are yearly based…So if you choose to activate iPage you might need to choose 12 months or above.

      Therefore, if you choose 12 months with one free domain…it’ll cost you around $35.

      It is a FREE program however, you might need to pay for a setup cost for ipage ($35). He’ll set up your account with Getresponse account ($15). So you can earn money by generating leads, commission… that’s about 60% on all products that he sells on behalf of you and finally, you can promote your favorite program via Get response because you have leads that are accumulating every day. So it’s a win-win situation.

      Like I said above…you’re investing $35 for 12 months but 10 leads if you generate…it is $50+. Think in that way.

  5. its been a month. did you get you pay?

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