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Yoonla Pay Per Lead – FAQ – You Should Know Before Start

Thank you for showing interest in understanding Yoonla Pay Per Lead program.

In this post, I’ll cover FAQ questions (Business type, testimonials, payment proof, investment plan, payment structure, and legitimacy) which were raised by my subscribers and I thought this will help them understanding more about Yoonla CPA program before they kick start FREE.

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For Yoonla payment proof, see my above-posted video. If not yet started…you can watch below video

How To Set Up Yoonla CPA Publisher/Affiliate Account?

What Is Yoonla Affiliate Program?

To begin with, Yoonla is a CPA program, means every action your visitors take, you get paid up to $8. Typically you will earn $4 and based on your performance the commission rate will be increased.

Besides, Yoonla also helps you to build a massive list of subscribers under your account and pay you $4-$8 per lead.

Still, more to come keep reading…

Who Is Behind Yoonla CPA Marketing Foundation?

The founder of Yoonla is Reno Van Boven, from New Zealand and he’s been in the online marketing arena for quite sometimes and his credit and experience shows all that.

So when it comes to his credit, I guarantee that he’s one of the top affiliate marketers in the online money making industry.

How To Register Yoonla Foundation Pay Per Lead?

To start Yoonla CPA program, you need to join under someone. You can register a free account and validate your email address. A confirmation link will be sent to your registered email and make sure you click on the link.

Once done. You will be taken to another page where you will be creating username and password. Done.

What Are The Requirement For Yoonla CPA Marketing?

Yoonla Foundation is free however you might need to activate funnels to run a successful campaign. For that, you might require…

  • Domain on Yahoo web hosting
  • Autoresponder to capture leads

To start your first campaign, you might have to activate the above platforms to make money.

It will cost approximately $50 for both.

Is There Any Upsells Inside Yoonla PPL Foundation Program?

Like I said above, Yahoo hosting and Autoresponder are must in order to earn a commission but if you want to create your own lead capture page then optionally, you can enable “Leadpages tool” within the Yoonla Foundation.

But this is completely optional not an obligation to register there.

Apart from that, I don’t think so.

How To Choose A Domain Name For Yoonla Pay Per Lead Program?

Whilst registering Yahoo hosting make sure you choose a professional plan which will have Integration feature. Don’t choose a “Basic hosting” in Yahoo.

Always choose a domain name related to money making niche. Don’t ever register a domain name in your name, because people tend to come back again.

So if you have a domain that is hard to remember, you might lose subscribers and commissions. And therefore, choose short and work from home related keywords for your domain.

How To Promote Yoonla For Producing Good Leads?

There are so many ways that you can promote Yoonla Foundation. For example, free advertising like sharing the link on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

If you’re someone new to CPA – Cost per action program. Take it slow and see your daily earning and accordingly, you can promote it. The best way to get more leads and sign ups is to get into a solo advertising agency.

Please refer the below question for more info.

What Are The Restriction On Traffic, And Why Should I Care?

Yoonla is user-friendly so you can promote your affiliate link anywhere online but some restriction inherently there.

  • Don’t promote in PTC – Paid to click sites
  • No Proxy Sites
  • No guaranteed sign ups programs

Apart from the above listed; you can promote your link anywhere including website chat.

What Is Yoonla Commission Structure?

Yoonla is not an MLM or revshare program. It’s a PPL so every lead you generate will be rewarded. All top tier countries will fetch you higher commission $4-$8 and for the rest $2.

The commission range starts from $4 to $8 respectively in the front end.

When it comes to back end commission, you’ll earn $30 for the first tier and then $20 for the second tier commission.


Any leads you’d generate, people upgrade just like you, in this scenario, you earn $30 from your first tier and when your referrals bring someone on his own you get paid $20 as well. You can find all VIP referrals within your Yoonla membership account.

Additionally, any future products that system sells you earn up to 60% commission as well.

How Much Money Can I Make Promoting Yoonla PPL Program?

It depends on individual’s effort and skills. I think you can earn $20-$50 per day promoting online. If you do solo advertising, you can generate a lot of leads and front and back end commission as well.

What Are The Payment Option?

Currently, Yoonla disburses payment via PayPal. Different payment gateways! As if now, no update but I’ll keep you posted if any changes.

When Will I Get Paid Yoonla Commission?

All leads you generated for the previous month will be paid on 22nd of the following month. For the first month, I think you might have to wait a bit longer, however, from the following months, all pending commission/leads will be approved on 15th of the month and will be paid in the same month.

How To Track Leads For A Better Understanding?

Yoonla tracks all your clicks, sign ups and CPA cost within the affiliate dashboard. Also, you can log in to Getresponse Autoresponder to see how many leads you have generated in a day. You can also see weekly wise and monthly wise. You can play with a lot within in the Yoonla and Getresponse accounts.

You will also receive a weekly report via email on commissions, sales, and conversions.

How Do I Integrate Autoresponder API With Yoonla Lead Capture Page?

Once you created an account, log in to your Yoonla account and watch the presentation, this is where Reno explains how to set up your account and information on integration part.

Once you register a domain in Yahoo hosting and then do the same for Getresponse account.

Once you completed these two steps. You have to submit your domain name and Getresponse invoice id. They’ll verify so that Yoonla lead capture page with Yahoo hosting and Getresponse can be fully set up.

In this way, you’ll be able to track all leads there.

All integration work will be taken care of but why not update yourself!

You can also update Getresponse API key and campaign name within your Yoonla membership account. Don’t forget to update it.

How To Do Follow Up Via Getresponse Autoresponder?

Getresponse is a dedicated service and not a direct partner of Yoonla. Yoonla team will integrate API with Yoonla Lead capture page.

And you see one Autoresponder email will be set up there and then you can create your own and do follow up accordingly.

A first email campaign goes to your first-time subscribers and then you can create few email sequence day wise so that you can remind your prospects.

Can I Purchase Leads And Import Into Getresponse?

I don’t think so. If you had been building leads using third party tools; YES… you can import contacts but if it’s not yours I think you should not. By doing so, you might lose Getresponse account. So don’t ever attempt to do it.

Should I Have To Worry On Advertising?

Always have multiple programs when it comes to making money online. Yoonla undoubtedly the best as far as my test goes. But when you promote online make sure you use multiple advertising networks or solo ads sellers in this way you can save money.

Don’t put everything in one basket. Use multiple advertising sources like free and paid so that your investment will not get wasted.

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Based on my email inquiries, I have put common FAQ questions and answers here but if you still have questions on Yoonla PPL program, please feel free to leave a comment and please do not email me because I might miss them. 

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