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Reviews & Scam Compliants

Why You should not believe Ripoffreport.com Scam Reports! Fake Reviews Solely For Money

Ripoffreport.com Consumer Complaints Are Real Or Fake!

Is Ripoffreports.com doing scam business solely for money! Do you trust their reviews and the sample of consumer complaints posted there! If you were to believe all the reviews are legit then we suspect you’re making a big mistake.

Not only we don’t believe those reviews but also thousands of webmasters don’t consider their opinions at all.

This is we would like to bring you the truth about ripoffreport.com. We by chance happen to identify that one of the visitors who checked the reliability of our blog in their website.

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The search keyword with a link showed in the recent visits status in our dashboard. We thought let us find out what the link is all about. After we visited Ripoffreport.com, we realized that some complaint was posted there against us.

We are very confident to tell you that it wasn’t by someone who was scammed by us or are we dealing with the business like take money upfront from you guys!!! (lol)

The scam report really shocked us because the complaint was associated to InternationalFreeoffers. Kindly read the below complaint which was posted against internatinoalfreeoffers.com.

Look, my friend, we have reviewed few Click bank products on our blog which are ranked #1 in Google. We evaluated negatively so people like you won’t pay money for the scams.

If we would’ve linked with the click bank affiliate link with some positive notes then we would’ve made real good money with it. Why because we lost so much of money on work at home scams before starting this blog.

Therefore, we didn’t do it because the person who lost money with it will never come back to this blog. We put an effort to prevent scams as much as we can. Rest is not in our hand.

Complaint Against Us Posted On Ripoffreport.Com

Internationalfreeoffers.com is scam site!!! I go on there and they make you like the Facebook then give them all these praises. They tell you beware of some site you were wanting to really join and tell you instead to join another. They promise all their work from home offer is free but they are LIARS!!!

I was scammed out of 21,220 rs joining one of their scam sites they told me was safe to join and I found out it was them that own it! They talk bad bout other companies to make you buy from them!

I pay all this money by western union and they took my every last penny and gave me nothing! They never answered emails then acted like they did not know who I was.I worked all my life to save for me and wife.

I hate this scam blog and needs to be reported!I call western union and can never get money back for scam.International free offers say and promise all is free work from home but they are not free. [continued below]….

They also promise all is 100% safe and it is NOT!! BEWARE of.internationalfreeoffers.com and anything they tell you.Everything is a lie! I wish I would have never believe the negative review they put on the real site I was going to join.I found out later a site they call a scam was paying to all my friends and they were not scam after all they were good and just competitor to internationafreeoffers.com. The ones international free offer say it true is not!!!

The scam complaint Against Internationalfreeoffers

The first claim from Ripoffreport.com is that we have enabled a social sharing plugin on our blog. Yes, we have enabled a social sharing plugin so that we reach the wider audience.

However, we read in the complaint that someone who has claimed that he joined with us using one of the programs that we exclusively run and he lost money there.

Again he further claims that he contacted us several times, but we never responded to it.

What We Don’t Do! The Fake Consumer Complaint By Ripoffreport.com

It’s so funny to see so many filthy sites operating online similar to Ripoffreport.com. We are not running any businesses like money-making job opportunities like data entry, survey programs, MLM or any affiliate programs nor do we own sites that offer opportunities with some payment options linked to it like PayPal, Payza or any offline payment methods!

Therefore, the person who made a complaint against us who is dishonest or a criminal. As a matter of fact, the complaint made against us is not from the real user. Then who else does that!

Well, ripoffreport.com publishes fake short reviews almost against all blogs. This is one of their traffic strategies so that they can invite as money bloggers as possible.

The second rebuttal from our side is that we don’t redirect you to join any websites that ask you $350 for it. Can you show one post on Internationalfreeoffers that tells you to pay sites Rs. 21,220 through western union!

If you go back and check all the posts, we never promoted any online work at home job programs that ask money upfront. Are we!

Updated  on Oct/15/2015 – Except Commissionminer and Hardcore funnels ( First one require trial with no cost, the second one is $1 for one month trial. Both are US based companies)

We are promoting free offers and best money-making sites after researching a lot online. Though, most of the online jobs are free to sign up and we aren’t part of them too. We are part of only a few sites that are absolutely free to join without a requirement of  investment. So the complaint made against us like Rs.21,220 deposited in our account is utterly false.

The third rebuttal from our side is that we aren’t taking any money from readers or users because we did not own any special programs. We suggest programs that are trustworthy and free to join. Besides we review against fake websites that offer free or paid jobs.

Can you find a single post on our blog that exclusively give you access to the database after we take some money from you! Now you know the truth. Don’t you!

Furthermore, we aren’t competing with any websites because we are not a membership based site that ask money and give some nonsense in return. As said by Ripoffreport, we are not a  competitor of any websites on the web. We don’t understand what we have to do with the competition here. This is indeed very funny!

We Never Forced Members To Join Even For Free Programs

We’re promoting free PTC sites, free GPT sites, free online paid survey jobs, doing reviews and expressing our opinions. Furthermore, we do review on MLM and other money making jobs yet we never asked any fee or any donation for it. Our posts will say it all.

Though we highly recommended wealthy affiliate program for the readers yet we have not joined. (we’ll join one day)

Moreover, the Wealthy affiliate is a free to try and you don’t need to pay until you satisfied with it. Hence, Ripoffreport.com doing bad business and writing negative reviews against all blogs all the time.

This crook Ripoffreport.com was deactivated and was not online for nearly two months because many bloggers and website owners went up against Ripoffreport and complained against this culprit which resulted in disappearance for a while. Now somehow they managed to reappear.

Ripoffreport simply create posts against blogs so that they can get more traffic from Google and other search engines. Not only that, Ripoffreport targets even big bloggers and websites so that they can take money from them.

Once the money passed for them, the report will be removed instantly. This is their business and they’re doing in this way for many years.

Please keep in mind that we’re not only the victim of this fake Ripoffreport.com also there are many similar sites operating solely to earn money in this ways. If you visit this page you’ll know the strategy of their shady business.

Please keep in mind that there are many scam report websites operating like Ripoffreport.com. Most of the sites are auto-generated websites which will pull up some content snippet from the sites to display on their sites.

When website owners notice such fake complaints against them they will demand to remove complaints or consumer reports posted on Ripoffreport.com or other similar sites.

The same consumer compliant will be removed after received some money from the webmasters. Ripofferreports.com is also in the list which operating only to earn money by posting fake reviews and complaints against bloggers.

Check Yourself The Reality About Ripoffreport.Com

We ask you to get over online and check yourself whether Ripoffreport.com itself is reliable and established on product reviews.

You’’ll find yourself instantly that the reports and complaints posted on Ripoffreport.com are not legit even a bit. All consumer complaints are simply a mirage and aimed for business deal and nothing else.

We believe people are so clever on taking decisions on reviews and complaints. Please check the Ripoffreport.com legitimacy you’ll get to know the truth as how many bloggers have written multiple posts against Ripoffreport.com. We won’t pay even a penny for Ripoffreport for the removal of fake report as we don’t need to.

They shall be a least good people before pass advice on others. Think about how do you believe consumer complaints when the businesses itself fake. Undoubtedly, Ripoffreport.com is one of its kinds.

Don’t trust their reviews at any case. Their reviews all are fake and aimed for money. That’s all.

Have anything in mind to share on Ripoffreport.com. Please share with us.

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