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  1. Thanks fo a wonderful explanation of zarFund and how it works.
    I have a small, well not small, problem with the author’s review where you explain the dangers of cash donation exchanges crashing, falling, closing down.

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  5. Zarfund is a good business to be involved in. A pastor in my office in Port Harcourt , Nigeria is in level 6 and 15 people have so far paid 2bitcoins each to his bitcoin wallet out of 64 people needed. I have done the gifting networking stuff. if you want to join my winning team of formidable people, kind call or whatsapp me on 08033871307 that is ( +2348033871307) We do team work and find down liners for the group.

  6. We are about to pour in big group of MLM ppl. Hundreds of people. Do not play Zarfund game alone with a few friends of yours. Be a part of a strong base that has “Spillover” members that can b assigned under your team.

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  8. Yeah. It’s REAL…..
    Registered and in a couple of days. I made it to level four. Thank God fo d spillovers and team work in helping our members get referrals.

  9. Pls, I am new in the zarfund system. Would u assist me with the two active referrals as required by zarfund if I join ur team?

    1. Hmmm, unlike others I do not guarantee paid sign ups because I am not an admin of Zarfund. But I can redirect visitors from my funnel and it’ll be randomly taken to your or my fellow members.

      Yes, you can get people, however, I can not guarantee any paid signups.

      But if you’re interested please let me know so I can provide you some free marketing places where you can get few potential members.

      I can also show you a few best and popular paid adverting where you get quality members on any programs.

      If you are interested…Please let me know..here’s my affiliate link

      < <<< https://www.zarfund.com/ref/d03aa11c65 >>>>

      1. I am done with the registration. I have upgraded to level one by sending 0.03 btc to ur address.

        My referral link is: https://www.zarfund.com/ref/f21ce445b2

        What is the next thing?

        1. Dear Sir,

          Thank you for registering Zarfund via my link. Good to see you onboard.

          I have sent you a massive list of marketing directories where you can get people. As I mentioned please do not share to anyone. Any help require…please revert.

  10. Hello,
    Zarfund is a sure platform to grow your Bitcoin, with the wonderful team I find myself. With teamwork I’ve been able to get paid on my first level and upgraded to the next level.

    1. It’s all about team work.and that is what you will get in my team.here we discuss and help you convince your downlines.all you need to do is to provide their number on watsap an we then add them up and take it from there,as they will be able to see testimony of people who have succeeded.just watsap me on +2348068534337

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  13. Henceforth I’ll not approve comment if you post only for the sake of promoting your Zarfund affiliate link. Please contribute something for the people before posting your link.

    I really appreciate your time. )

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