1. just curious if you know do they pay extra for people to be sponsors…for example what is the reason the person that recruited me want me to recruit. Do they get something from my recruits or do it get something if my recruits get recruits?

    1. You get paid when you complete offers including paid offers but it’s optional. So when you invite members via your affiliate link the company pays you $20-$130 depending upon how many credits you have.

      Each time when they complete offer you get paid means…it’s residual income. you’ll get paid to your PayPal account. Any help requires…please revert.

      Finally, they do not deduct commission from your earnings instead they pay you when any one of your affiliates complete offers. This is how the whole internet marketing arena works.

      Some folks assume like what’s the point of paying a huge amount of money for completing offers. Look, these companies do not expect revenue from members but want to promote their products only. The more it become popular the more they get customers in future. This is it.


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